Apple Watch Ultra, a larger screen, suitable for adventure bands

If you look at the iPhone user base who chooses to use a smart watch today The first choice on the market is probably the Apple Watch, but this does not happen to athletes. or a group of users who like to exercise Mostly ready to go on adventures Because there is still a market leader like Garmin who has taken this market seriously. and do well

The launch of the Apple Watch Ultra is an interesting step for Apple in expanding its user base. more than the general user group But it drills into a group of explorers, athletes and adventure enthusiasts. Most importantly, it is a group with purchasing power. and willing to pay for the right equipment to use

The main strength of the additional Apple Watch Ultra is its durability. and at the same time more suitable for water sports therefore, it covers a wide range of types of exercises. On the basis of being a smart watch with full health features

Apple Watch Ultra is available for sale at a price of 31,900 baht with a face size of 49 mm, with 3 straps to choose from according to usage patterns. Outdoor, trail and water sports, each with 3 colors, a total of 9 designs.

Smart watch, large dial 49 mm.
2000 nits screen brightness to comfortably combat outdoor light.
All health detection features Heart rate Blood oxygen, ECG and temperature
The battery is better than all previous models.

The houses are bigger and heavier.
Even if the battery is more durable But the usage still needs to be charged every 2-3 days.
The Health app does not yet provide data on rest after exercise.

Large body, full display

In terms of design, I must admit that the Apple Watch Ultra is clearly stronger. By putting details in many designs. Starting from the titanium case, it provides strength. The edges are raised to protect the sapphire glass screen. to support more extreme applications

and then a titanium bezel that protects the crown (Digital Crown) preventing accidental rotation as well as increasing the size to be able to rotate even when wearing gloves It is 30% larger than the Watch 8

For the display that comes with a Retina display that already supports Always-On, it has been upgraded to a maximum brightness of 2000 nits to support use in sunlight. Provides a screen resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. The 49 mm case makes it possible to display 6 lines of detail during exercise, compared to the 45 mm model with 5 lines.

The larger size comes with a heavier case weight, with the Apple Watch Ultra weighing 61.3 grams compared to the 45mm Apple Watch 8, with an aluminum case at 38.8 grams and a stainless steel case. stain is 51.5 grams, so if it is used to use an aluminum shell is almost double the weight. It is also considered to cause wrist fatigue.

Additionally, an Action Button has been added that can be set to activate the compass. backtracking mode Go to exercise mode, turn on the flashlight, stopwatch. as desired in the Settings app

At the same time, it has been improved to support the use of communication by adding a microphone to 3 points to be able to capture speech clearly. There will be an algorithm to help calculate the direction. and noise to always choose a microphone that captures the best sound.

including a dual speaker design Being able to sound a warning when in various environments Because in this version there will be an emergency mode. or turn on the siren to sound for help during an accident during a trekking or trail route

At the back of the watch also various sensors are collected. heart rate of both blood oxygen Electrocardiogram (ECG) by touching the crown And what has been added is a temperature sensor that helps collect more health data.

For charging also use a dedicated charger. That can be charged to 80% in 1 hour and fully charged in 1 and a half hours, just with the big body. and more durable batteries According to Apple, it can be used continuously for 36 hours.

In the practical test, Apple Watch Ultra is used throughout the day, there is about 70-80% left, making it if used in daily life. No exercise can be used for 2-3 days comfortably, or if you use vigorous exercise. Daily charging is usually recommended.

In the future, Apple Prepare to update watchOS 9.1 which will add advanced power saving mode. which will use some cutting methods such as Intervals to measure heart rate Or leave GPS coordinates interval to work longer.

Inside the Apple Watch Ultra runs on the Apple S8 chip designed specifically for use with smartwatches. It has 32GB of storage, has dual-band GPS, and has a W3 wireless chip, which makes it compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth 5.3, as well as 4G LTE.

The WR100 housing is IP6X dust resistant and meets the EN13319 standard for diving equipment up to 40 meters, as well as the MIL-STD810H standard for altitude, temperature and vibration. making it compatible for use in all situations

The bands designed specifically for Apple Watch Ultra include a lightweight, comfortable Trail Track, followed by a double fabric Alpine Loop. Equipped with a titanium hook for a secure grip. And finally, the Ocean Band of elastomers for water activities.

However, the Apple Watch Ultra is also compatible with 45 mm Apple Watch bands, so if anyone has an old watch band, they can use it right away.


The Apple Watch Ultra is specifically designed for use from adventure, water sports, to vigorous exercise enthusiasts. Therefore, the additional features of Apple Watch 8 will be with some additional features.

as a newly designed compass that can be used to pin important places including remembering the walking route to be able to walk back to the starting point This feature is suitable for those who love hiking, hiking and adventure in different places.

Next is the depth measurement app. Suitable for water sports enthusiasts Normally, the app will launch automatically when the water depth is more than 1 meter, showing the time. Current depth, water temperature, length underwater and maximum diving depth

As you can see, if you are not adventurous or a diving enthusiast, the new capabilities that come with the Apple Watch Ultra may not live up to expectations. Unless you want a bigger smartwatch, otherwise the lower priced Apple Watch 8 already meets the needs.

temperature tracking sensor help collect health information

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a braided charging cable.
For the new additions on the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch 8 is to place temperature sensors in two places, the first point is the area that touches the wrist on the crystal back cover. and the other will be under the display. Being able to bring data from both points for calculation to increase accuracy.

The reason for having 2 temperature sensors to help collect data Because when you use it while sleeping when you are covered with a blanket, your body temperature may rise higher than normal.On the at this point, your Apple Watch will calculate the ambient temperature. with body temperature to keep the data as straight as possible

Apple Watch temperature measurements are primarily used to collect sleep data. This is because this is the best time to detect changes in the body. It will start displaying after wearing the watch with sleep focus mode on. and sleep tracking for 5 nights

Apple’s temperature display uses the calculation method from the mean and displays it as an incremental change or decrease instead of indicating the temperature in degrees Because each person’s health value is different.

At the same time, this temperature sensor can also help with women’s health. how to calculate the monthly cycle and predict the break period For families planning to have children use temperature change data with historical menstrual cycle data together

Of course, sensitive information like this It is stored encrypted which is linked only to the user’s Apple ID. Therefore, there is no need to worry that this health information will be released. Because all the information that is shared to the user can be controlled

Apple Watch Ultra also comes with a collision detection feature. Just like on the iPhone 14, it uses shock, g-force, and sound detection. When an accident occurs, an emergency call will be made to report the incident. and sends the address information to the default emergency list as well.


Compare Apple Watch Ultra 49mm with Apple Watch 8 45mm and Apple Watch SE2 40mm.
The Apple Watch Ultra is perfect for the adventurous iPhone user. or apply for longer exercise tracking including those who want a large screen smartwatch Clearly displayed but in exchange for body weight and higher prices too

On the other hand, if you are looking for a smartwatch for general use, the Apple Watch 8 is the perfect model. and it has a more affordable level too So, I want to look at the form of use more.

When asked if the Apple Watch Ultra will be compared to a smartwatch designed specifically for sports? I have to admit that the strength of the Apple Watch Ultra lies in the ecosystem that is more perfectly connected to the iPhone. So if anyone is using an iPhone to switch to this model, it’s not difficult. and more convenient

At the same time, brands like Garmin or Polar have a clear advantage in terms of battery life that is sufficient for long-term use. Including information about recovery time after exercise (Recovery Time), which is considered important information for practitioners.

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