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Apple’s 2 iPads pass NCC certification

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NCC recently passed the electrical inspection review of two iPad models, and the LTE version has not yet appeared in the electrical inspection database. (Picture/Retrieved from NCC electrical inspection database, provided by Apple)

[周刊王CTWANT] After Apple’s autumn conference, the only bright spot was the newly designed iPad mini 6, with a larger screen and lighter weight, and the port was changed to Type C. Since Taiwan is not on the list of first releases, many fans who can’t wait have already passed. Purchased from the United States and Hong Kong, but two iPads have already appeared in the NCC electrical inspection database.

After the recent update of the National Communications Commission (NCC) electrical inspection database, the two “portable tablets” applied by Apple have been approved on the 12th and 13th. The models are A2602 and A2567 respectively, of which A2602 is the 9th generation iPad 10.2-inch WiFi version, A2567 is the WiFi version of iPad mini 6.

As for the LTE version that can be inserted into the SIM card, it has not yet appeared in the electrical inspection database. According to the past sales, Apple will wait until the LTE version is passed before it can be fully sold, and the time to pass the inspection will not be too long. , Maybe there will be a chance to start at the end of the month.

Since the iPad mini 6’s screen is the largest ever, 8.3 inches, plus the physical Touch ID button at the bottom of the screen panel, it has been changed to the power button on the top of the fuselage, and it is also equipped with an A15 chip. Coupled with a powerful CPU is simply “born for mobile games”; some fruit fans are even willing to spend 1,000 to 2,500 yuan more to buy Taiwan from the first country that is already on sale.

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