Apple’s car crash detection function has false positives and the rescue section is miserably thrown away.

Apple iPhone and Apple Watch car accident detection function, after a car accident, if the owner does not respond, it will automatically call for help from the rescue department.

In fact, accident detection has saved many lives. But there are also often unnecessary calls, which increase the distress of the rescue department.

On January 30, since the launch of the Apple iPhone 14 car accident detection function, false calls have continued to occur, and each wrong call will bring an excessive burden to the local emergency services.

In this latest incident, emergency services in the Northern Alps, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, saidBetween December 16 and January 23, they received 134 false calls, mainly because the iPhone 14’s car accident detection system was falsely triggered while the user was skiing.

Japan’s emergency services received a total of 919 calls during the month, of which 134 were false calls from iPhone car accident detections, meaning that fake Apple calls accounted for more than one-tenth of their workload.

False positives from the iPhone’s car accident detection feature have also been reported across the US during winter sports, with another high number of false positives being triggered by roller coasters.

Sources say Apple is working with local emergency services to further alleviate the problem. At the end of December, the iOS 16.1.2 release notes showed,Apple has added “Car Crash Detection Optimization” to the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

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