Apple’s Manufacturing R&D Support Center Hosts Smart Manufacturing Forum for SMEs

Apple’s Manufacturing R&D Support Center will host the ‘Smart Manufacturing Forum’ for small and medium-sized businesses for two days from June 21st. This forum provides an opportunity for Korean SME participants to learn the latest manufacturing technologies.

The participants of this forum are founders and CEOs of Korean small and medium manufacturing companies, project managers, data analysts, engineers, graduate students and undergraduate students who meet the small and medium business standards set by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and New Businesses. from Korea.

On the 21st, experts from leading companies selected as lighthouse factories by the World Economic Forum will participate and share smart manufacturing success stories. Lectures on successful manufacturing innovation methods from Apple, prominent figures in academia, and female leaders in manufacturing will also be provided. In addition, there will be a Smart Manufacturing Network space where SMEs, students, and industry experts can freely discuss and exchange ideas. On the 22nd, various sessions such as demonstrations, workshops, and panel discussions will be held to experience smart manufacturing firsthand at Apple’s Manufacturing R&D Support Center.

Applications for participation can be made through the Apple Manufacturing R&D Support Center website (, and the participation fee is free.

Meanwhile, the Apple Manufacturing R&D Support Center located within POSTECH is the world’s first manufacturing-specific R&D support center created by Apple. It builds smart process-related tools and providing free education and one-to-one consultation to small and medium manufacturing. companies.

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