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2022-09-29 16:14:54

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Sino-Singapore Jingwei quoted Bloomberg on September 28, noting that people familiar with the matter said,Apple is scrapping plans to ramp up production of new iPhones this year after an expected boost in demand failed to materialise.

Apple has told suppliers to cancel plans to increase production by 6 million iPhone 14 units and set a goal of producing about 90 million iPhone 14 units by the end of this year, similar to last year’s iPhone 13 production, the people said .

The report also said that the sales of the iPhone 14 in the Chinese market did not start well.That’s down about 11 percent from like-for-like sales of the iPhone 13 the year before.

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According to news from The Paper on September 29, a source in Apple’s supply chain said that supply chain manufacturers have not received Apple’s notification of adjustment of orders for the iPhone 14 series, and the total number of orders has remained unchanged, but the iPhone 14 allocated Pro series more orders Some.

The supply chain source above said that the order for the iPhone 14 series was 95 million units, and the iPhone 13 series last year was 85 million, which is already quite a high expectation. “The short-term demand for the regular version of the iPhone 14 series is not so good after the launch. The Pro series is better. There are some allocation adjustments under the condition that the total order remains unchanged. The Pro size more , but the total orders have remained unchanged. It doesn’t matter. The plan to increase production and the plan to cut orders now.”

According to the Daily Economic News, on September 28, Eastern Time, Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, said on social media: “Apple has stopped producing more iPhones.rumKind of weird to me. As in the previous investigation, Apple has plans to change the iPhone 14/14Plus production line to the iPhone 14 Pro / 14Pro Max / reduce the price of the iPhone 13, but has not heard of any plan to increase overall iPhone production. “

US stocks opened on September 28, as iPhone production slowed due to weak market demand,Apple shares fell as much as 4.1%. Apple shares fell at the end of the day1.27% to $149.84.Apple has lost $397 billion in market value since August 17.

Currently, Ming-Chi Kuo remains confident in Apple’s sales this year. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that demand for the iPhone 14 and Plus is clearly sluggish, but the increase in orders for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max and the discounted iPhone 13 should offset the possible order cuts for the iPhone 14 and Plus.

Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that among the orders for the Pro series, the orders for the iPhone 14 Pro Max account for about 60%, which is beneficial to the ASP (average selling price) and the product mix of the iPhone in the fourth quarter. this year. He believes that this result will further motivate Apple to create more differences between the Pro and Pro Max in the next version of the iPhone 15, in order to increase shipments of the iPhone 15 Pro Max and strengthen the iPhone product portfolio .

In addition, Ming-Chi Kuo reiterated his previous findings that shipments of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are expected to grow by around 10%, benefiting iPhone ASP and product mix in the fourth quarter of this year.

Despite many fears of a recession, Kuo said total iPhone shipments in the fourth quarter and full year of this year are expected to be roughly in line with consensus estimates. If iPhone shipments don’t drop significantly from December, Apple will give a more positive fourth quarter outlook on its next earnings call, its third quarter earnings call.

In addition to the analysis of Apple’s iPhone 14 series, Ming-Chi Kuo also revealed yesterday that his latest investigation shows that Apple could establish a new Apple Car (Apple Car) task force before the end of this year.

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