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Apple’s new MacBook Pro chips, or will be called “M1 Pro” and “M1 Max”

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On the eve of Apple’s press conference, related rumors remained unstoppable. According to MacRumor’s retelling of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the chip used in the new MacBook Pro, when it appeared in the developer’s app record, showed the two names “M1 Pro” and “M1 Max”. This is consistent with the two versions of the high-end M1 processor that were previously reported. Both versions have a 10-core architecture composed of 8 high-performance + 2 power-saving cores, but one version has 16 displays Core, while the other version has 32 display cores. However, this naming method also negates the original rumors of “M1X”. If it is true, then Apple has once again played its habit of playing cards according to common sense, so that the M1 chip did not follow the A series chip. The habit is coming and going.

In addition to the two high-end versions of M1, the original legend also has an M2 chip for MacBook Air, iMac and low-end MacBook Pro. However, according to other rumors, M2 will not be seen at the conference in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Of products appearing, they will not arrive with the new generation of MacBook Air until 2022.

If the new Apple chips really give names like “Pro” and “Max,” then Apple is really unique among many chip factories that prefer to use numbers as the model. To some extent, this is indeed easier for consumers to understand and remember, but it also requires Apple to maintain a very small number of SKUs. If the number of chips in the same generation starts to increase, then Apple does not Need to think of more English words to describe these different grades of chips?

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