Applicant of President Elizabeth Warren to visit Georgia next week

Mr Elizabeth Warren is going to go to Gwinnett County to meet actors, and as the first presidential candidate to visit Georgia after formally entering 2020.

The Massachusetts Census will be located in the Central Gwinnett Center in Lawrenceville on Saturday, February 16 on what will be awarded as an "organized event" to support the support behind the White House bid.

The latest sign is that the Democrats are serious about competing for the 16th election voting of Georgia after the Republican people hit the Atlanta metropolitan suburbs and that Stacey Abrams needs.

The presidential event almost visited Georgia last year to stomach with Abrams and other democrats – and will set up the work on their campaigns – as the party puts the state as a potential civic place.

The number of visits from other Democratic candidates continues in the race that is becoming increasingly redundant to the president soon.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren will host a campaign stadium in Gwinnett County on February 16, 2019. The United States Senator from Massachusetts shows a Georgia Stacey Abrams Irish-speaking Irish-speaking rally rally back in October at State University Clayton i Morrow. (Photo: ALYSSA POINTER/ALYSSA.POINTER@AJC.COM)

Warren wins his bid to the president of Saturday with a commitment to combat economic imbalance and combat "corrupt" corporate saints. She tried to ask questions about the previous attempts that require American Native identity.

Warren's semi-organized organization is part of a visit to the Lawrenceville visit which includes stops at all early voting states. And Gwinnett's choice as the launch point of his campaign in Georgia is another symbol of rapidly changing politics in the county.

The suburbs were in recent years of a Republican territory, but Hillary Clinton Winnett carefully took care in 2016 and was in charge of the county in November. It is now necessary to have a Democratic candidate for a state or federal office.

He is also the center of the 7th Congress District, which attracts a huge range of competitors after the last week of the Republican Computers President Rob Woodall announced that he would not find another term.

Woodall keeps the seat in November, which won the House of the nearest House race in the country. Second, Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux, announced plans to run again, and many other candidates from both parties are thinking of tenders.

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