Appointing Committee to Investigate Police Officers Chasing Teenagers Out of Famous Restaurant in 304 Industrial Estate Area

Investigation Committee Appointed to Examine Police Conduct in Chasing Teenagers from Prominent Restaurant in Industrial Estate Area 304

In a recent development, a video clip circulating on social media shows police officers brandishing guns while chasing teenagers out of a popular restaurant in the Industrial Estate Area 304. The incident, which took place on October 2, has prompted action from the authorities.

The Prachinburi Provincial Police Headquarters has released a statement regarding the incident, acknowledging its widespread coverage on social media platforms. While the specific area falls under the jurisdiction of the Si Maha Phot Police Station in Prachinburi Province, Col. Mongkol Thopao, the superintendent of the station, has ordered a thorough investigation.

Initial findings reveal that on the morning of October 2, Pol.Lt. Anan, the Group Head of Si Maha Phot Police Station, was off-duty and conducting a routine motorcycle patrol in the area. As part of his duty to maintain public safety and prevent criminal activities, he decided to have lunch at a Moo Kratha restaurant located in Village No. 7, Tha Tum Subdistrict.

During his meal, a group of approximately 7-8 teenagers arrived at the scene in two cars and began causing disturbances, creating a tense atmosphere. Noticing the escalating situation, Police Sergeant Anan identified himself as a law enforcement officer and took necessary precautions by equipping himself with police tactical gear, including a firearm, to prevent any potential incidents.

In response, Police Sergeant Anan instructed the group of teenagers to leave the premises and return home. Promptly, the young individuals drove away, resulting in the restoration of order at the restaurant.

The following day, realizing the significance of the incident, Police Sergeant Anan recorded video and audio evidence of the encounter. Subsequently, this evidence was shared on various social media platforms, capturing public attention and prompting action.

Upon being informed of the incident, Col. Mongkol Thopao, the Superintendent of Si Maha Phot Police Station, ordered a comprehensive investigation into the matter. Police Sergeant Anan was directed to immediately report the incident and provide a detailed account of the events to his superiors. Additionally, a committee was established to thoroughly examine the facts surrounding the incident.

Col. Mongkol further stated that on October 4, the committee will visit the restaurant to gather further information and review any available CCTV footage in order to ascertain the sequence of events accurately. As of now, no official complaints have been filed by any parties involved.

Tra Nong Mind, a waiter at Ton Koon, the restaurant in question, affirmed that business had not been significantly affected by the incident. However, she expressed her surprise at the sudden turn of events, recalling how the group of teenagers arrived and caused a commotion by shouting at their friends inside the establishment. The timely intervention of the police prevented any potential confrontations.

As authorities diligently work to investigate the incident, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and provide updates as further details emerge.

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Order to appoint a committee to investigate and transfer policemen carrying guns to chase teenagers out of a famous restaurant. Industrial Estate Area 304

From the case where the online world is sharing clips Police carried guns to chase teenagers out of a popular restaurant in the 304 Industrial Estate area (read more news: Social media flocked to share a clip of short haired man holding a gun threatening guests. Chasing a teenager in a restaurant in area 304)

On October 3, reporters reported the latest developments: The Prachinburi Provincial Police Headquarters has presented a press release from the Prachinburi Provincial Police which is Because the news has been published on social media. which is the area of ​​responsibility of the Police Station (Si Maha Phot Prachinburi Province)

Pol ordered. Col. Mongkol Thopao, superintendent of Sri Maha Phot Police Station, officers to investigate. Si Maha Phot Police Station Completed with investigation package Speed ​​up the investigation of the incident in question immediately. It appears that on 2 October, at around 10:15 am, Pol.Lt. Anan, Group Head (P), Si Maha Phot Police Station, after leaving duty to perform motorcycle patrol duties. who has the duty to prevent disasters or emergencies and prevent criminals in his area of ​​responsibility and the date of the event in the area concerned There is a concert expo304 Prachinburi Fair. He ate at a Moo Kratha restaurant in Village No. 7, Tha Tum Subdistrict, Si Maha Phot District, Prachinburi Province.

At that time, a group of teenagers, around 7-8 people, using 2 cars, drove in and parked in front of the shop.
Moo Kratha, at the scene of the accident, got out of the car. Talk loud and make a fuss. It is expected that there will be an argument.

Police Sergeant Anan witnessed the incident. So he introduced himself as a police officer. Ready to carry police tactical belts and firearms to prepare to prevent incidents that may occur in the area where the incident occurred. so he ordered the said group of teenagers Hurry up and move back home. The group of young people immediately drove their cars away from the scene of the incident. Causing general events to return to normal.

The following day, the incident occurred in Police Sergeant Anan performed that duty. There was an eyewitness to the incident. Video and audio are recorded. It was published on public social media (Facebook) and the public shared the post among others, so Police Sergeant Anan wished to record it daily as evidence and report it to his superiors.

Paul, Col. Mongkol Thopao, Superintendent of Si Maha Phot Police Station Informed about the incident. Ordered an investigation into the facts that had already happened. An order is given to Dr. Anan, Group Head (P.) of Si Maha Phot Police Station. Report immediately and write a report explaining the facts of the incident to your supervisor and set up a committee to investigate the facts. and changed his duties to perform the duties of a duty sergeant at the station

Pol.Col Mongkol further told reporters that tomorrow (4 October) the committee will examine the facts. Goes to the area to ask for detailed information in the restaurant in order to summarize the event. Willing to inspect CCTV cameras to further verify all details After the incident, there were no complainants. Or has anyone filed a complaint?

Tra Nong Mind, a waiter at Ton Koon said the restaurant was not affected after the incident. I was shocked because I wasn’t ready. Before the incident happened, a group of teenagers shouted and came to park in front of the shop and shouted to ask their friends who were sitting inside. The police feared there was a confrontation and stopped the incident.

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