Appointment of the National Inspector General of Police ‘Wiroj Kao Klai’ – ‘President of the Land Transport Federation’ gives a statement to pass the test to pay tribute to the sticker

of the revelation of the highway sticker tribute movement by Mr Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn, the list of MPs of the party, the Kao Klai, was revealed on May 27, and Pol The National Police is investigating the facts.

On 2 June, at the National Police Office, Pol Gen. Visanu Prasarttong-Osoth The National Inspector General of Police revealed that he had contacted Mr Viroj along with the president of the Land Transport Federation of Thailand. to come to the words for information evidence tribute truck sticker within the next week
by Mr Viroj and the President of the Land Transport Federation of Thailand has accepted that he will come to testify and present evidence Highway sticker tribute Case to the fact-finding committee of the Inspector General and Bor Chor Kor.

Pol Gen revealed. Visanu that When recording the words this time including fact-finding committees from both sides, including
1) Office of the Inspector General of Police, with Pol.
2) Central Investigation Bureau (Bor Chor Kor.), with Pol Maj Gen. Wiwat Chaisangkha, deputy commissioner, as the chairman.

A matter of fairness Pol Gen said. Visanu that Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, the Commissioner General of the Police, has emphasized that the two committees must carry out the investigation simply. and to go to the area to collect evidence in other parts in parallel In which, if the facts are found to be evidence for any level of police officers to take strict disciplinary and criminal action

At the same time, if evidence is found that links to government officials from other agencies involved, help will continue to send information about the results of the investigation. This is for that agency. to proceed he asked the public to be assured that these two fact-finding committees will be conducted honestly. And take decisive action with everyone involved in this matter.

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