Aprogen, oral presentation at Bio USA… Individual meetings with 40 foreign companies

Aprogen (CEO Lee Seung-ho) participated in the ‘International Bio Convention 2023 (hereafter referred to as Bio USA)’ held in Boston, USA from the 5th (hereafter local time) to the 8th and held a ‘Company Presentation’ session. It was announced on the 2nd that an oral presentation will be held at The announcement will be made on the 5th at 3pm.

Through the introduction, the company intends to focus on the competitiveness of the biosimilar business and the innovation of new drugs such as a degenerative arthritis dual receptor and an anticancer immune dual antibody. In addition, individual meetings with approximately 40 American, Japanese and European pharmaceutical companies will be held at this event.

These companies have an absolute distribution advantage in the global biosimilar market, such as the United States and Europe, and have shown great interest in Aprogen’s absolute price competitiveness, the company explained.

An Aprogen official said, “The target companies for this individual meeting include several large international pharmaceutical companies specializing in new drugs. In particular, multiple large pharmaceutical companies in the United States and Japan specifically requested a meeting with our company’s new drug for dual receptors. for degenerative arthritis, and they were among the best European companies in the world. “Pharmaceutical companies are showing great interest in immuno-oncology epidermal antibodies,” he said.

“The reason why the world’s leading biosimilar distributors are actively holding meetings with us at this Bio USA is the high level of trust in ‘manufacturing and quality control (QCM)’ of Korean biosimilars that Celltrion and Samsung Biologics accumulated to date.” We interpret it as a result of adding to the attractiveness of the manufacturing cost figures presented by our company.”


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