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Archaeological fraud; Monson’s partner Santosh leaves after taking over Rs 2 crore | Monson

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Santosh, who went into hiding at Kilimanoor Ponganadu Neduvila house in Thiruvananthapuram, who is suspected to be an accomplice of Monson Mavungal, who swindled in the name of antiquities, collected around Rs 2 crore from many people from his hometown Ponganadu 13 years ago. Chadayamangalam Kuriott’s wife moved home with her family in 2008 as the number of people asking for a refund increased. The lenders started coming to Chadayamangalam and settled in Ernakulam. It is believed that they got in touch with Monson from there. Santhosh started his career by collecting chits.

He then borrowed money from relatives and friends and started a business that collected money in advance. It was during this time that the collection of archeology began. Also started a nursery of ornamental plants but soon stopped. As he began to buy and sell antiques, the coin became known as Santhosh. With the producer of the telefilm and music album.

It is alleged that more than 50 people paid for Santosh. Many had lent Santosh between Rs 50,000 and Rs 30 lakh. When he started his business with Monson Mavungal, he repaid debts of up to Rs 1 lakh. Santosh initially paid good interest to those who paid. The strange thing is that even though the money was not returned, most of them did not lodge a complaint with the police against Santosh. A few people approached the court and confiscated Santosh’s 15 cents property and house in the name of the complainants. There are indications that most of the archeological excavations at Monson Maungdaw are in Santosh’s collection.


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