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Japan’s Android leader ready to replace? According to BCN’s statistics on retail sales, Samsung’s sales in Japan are very strong this year, overtaking the two major Japanese companies, and it is expected to compete for the Android camp’s sales and sales double champions.

First of all, from the perspective of sales and market share, Sharp has long maintained the status of the first Android brand in Japan. In April last year, it approached 30% of the market share. Since this year, it has been constantly attacked by Samsung, and was briefly surpassed in February. The data shows that in April Japan’s Android market share was still Sharp, but only slightly ahead of second-place Samsung (18.2%) with 19.4%, followed by Oppo with 14.6%, followed by Sony and Xiaomi.

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This is the change in the sales ratio of Android mobile phones in Japan, and the blue Sharp is gradually approached by the orange Samsung (Photo / Flip the BCN website)

This is the change in the proportion of Android mobile phone sales in Japan. The orange Samsung has reversed the yellow Sony to the first place. (Picture / flipped BCN website)

Not only Sharp was surpassed, but the previous “sales” champion Sony was also compared by Samsung. Since February this year, Samsung has surpassed Sony with a 23% share of sales, and maintained its lead in March and April. It means that Samsung mobile phones not only have a large number in the Japanese market, but the accumulated amount is also very considerable.

The reason why Samsung has been able to catch up this year is due to the release of products in different price ranges, such as the entry-level Galaxy A22, the mid-range A52 and the flagship S21, which all have excellent sales performance. In addition, starting in April, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S22 series in Japan, which will once again drive the upsurge of replacements. For the entry-level market, there are also the Galaxy M23 and Galaxy A53, which feature large power, ready to go on sale.

BCN pointed out that the cumulative sales volume from January to April this year, Samsung is currently slightly behind Sharp’s 18.5% by 16.3%. Considering that several new models are listed one after another, there is a good chance that with the growth in May and June, it will become the first half of 2022 in one fell swoop. Japan’s first Android brand.

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