Are Putin’s tactics working? Amazing trend in losses

Even after the announced Western arms deliveries, the Kremlin’s troops have many Ukrainian areas in their sights. Data analysis on the war reveals at what cost.

Putin’s invasion war began almost a year ago. In between, the Russian troops had to accept serious setbacks. There are currently no decisive gains in territory, major offensives are not expected until spring.

Since the beginning of the war, two military analysts have been looking more closely at the alleged losses of both parties. They verify war equipment using visual evidence and come to a remarkable conclusion in their analysis of the Russian and Ukrainian armies.

A data animation from t-online now shows the current losses of both warring parties based on this data.

You can see which number paints a bleak picture of the Russian military and which surprising trend could indicate that Moscow’s changed tactics are working out in the video here or at the top of this text.

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