“Are there any snacks?”… Middle school student dies after eating granola bar given to him by teacher

Transferred to hospital due to allergic reaction… died of anaphylactic shock
Liberty Middle School agrees to pay $1 million to bereaved families

▲ Picture of a granola bar (not directly linked to the article). Seoul DB Newspaper

After a middle school student in the United States died after eating a ‘granola bar’ given to him by his teacher, the school agreed to pay 1 million dollars (about 1.3 billion won) to the student’s family.

The British Daily Mail reported on the 18th (local time) that the bereaved family of Jagger Shaw (14), who died after eating a granola bar given to him by a teacher, will receive a large amount of compensation.

According to this, on the 13th, Liberty Middle School in Nebraska, USA, decided to pay $1 million to the family of Jagger, who died after eating a granola bar given to him by a teacher.

Jagger asked the teacher for a snack, and the teacher let him eat his granola bar. When Jagger ate half of the granola bar, he started having an allergic reaction.

Jagger was prescribed allergy medication, who immediately visited the school nurse’s office, and received an epinephrine injection, but there was no improvement. Jagger was later rushed to hospital, but was in severe anaphylactic shock. Jagger eventually died on May 7, 2022.

After the incident, Jagger’s father, Thomas Shaw, explained the details of the incident through his Facebook page and publicized it. Accordingly, the Board of Education, to which Liberty Middle School belongs, discussed and voted on the payment of death compensation on the 13th, and Liberty Middle School agreed to pay 1 million dollars to Jagger’s bereaved family.

As the settlement was concluded, it was not revealed what type of allergy Jagger had, or whether the school was aware of it.

Correspondent Lee Bo-hee


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