Are you from Seoul National University? ‘National adulteress’ Yoo Ji-yeon “Failed 1.4 trillion right before my eyes”

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.02.07 10:57

/Photo = S Channel preview video ‘Attack on Sisters’

Actress Yu Ji-yeon of ‘National Adultery’ reveals that she missed 1.4 trillion won in the past.

Actor Yoo Ji-yeon, who made her face known as a female adulterer specialist in the KBS2 drama ‘Couple Clinic Love and War’, appears in Channel S’s entertainment program ‘Attack on Sisters’, which is being broadcast on the 7th.

At the appearance of a welcome face, Park Mi-sun was surprised, saying, “I’m an actor who specializes in villain roles,” and Jang Young-ran also remembers Yoo Ji-yeon as “the national adulterous woman.” , saying, “Isn’t this the one from ‘Love and War’?”

However, Yoo Ji-yeon admits, “She has a strong image of a wicked woman because she appeared as an adulterous woman, but in reality she is a troubled woman who lives as a nun.”

Park Mi-sun thinks, “I was curious because I couldn’t see it, but what does it mean to live like a nun?” Yu Ji-yeon said, “I come from a flower snake, but I worry about living like a fool.”

/Photo = S Channel preview video ‘Attack on Sisters’

When Yu Ji-yeon, a graduate of Seoul National University, said, “I don’t think I will lose a single piece, and when I look at my impression, they think I’m not a normal bet.”

Park Mi-sun also wonders about the life story of the elite, saying, “I came to Seoul National University, but such a person lives like an idiot.”

In response, Yu Ji-yeon admits that she sees the ‘prestigious university effect’, saying, “Even if I make mistakes and do foolish things, there must be a reason .”

Then, Yu Ji-yeon said, “There are many stories,” and he tells the story of the past, in which a huge amount is mentioned.

Yoo Ji-yeon says, “As soon as I sold it, it increased 100 million won a month,” and “I missed 1.4 trillion won before my eyes.”

In front of the astronomical number, 3MC is shocked and shouts “What do you mean?” Park Mi-sun is also surprised and chokes and asks “1 trillion?”

Meanwhile, Channel S’s ‘Attack Sisters’ featuring Yu Ji-yeon will air on the 7th at 8:20pm.

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