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‘Are you right then and wrong now?’… Jong-in Kim, “Second Offense of Silence” for Wen

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In addition, when the Democratic Party voted to nominate candidates for the mayor of Seoul and the mayor of Busan in the re-election in April next year, not only the power of the people but the entire opposition party, including the Justice Party, defined this as a’third offense’ against the victims of sexual harassment and launched a wave of offense. Went out to

The power of the people, Kim Jong-in, chairman of the Emergency Response Committee, held an emergency press conference on the 1st and criticized that the revolution itself was a third inflict against the victims of sexual violence in power type. did. Chairman Kim said, “Next year’s election will be a sexual assault by the mayor from the ruling party. It is a result of the unwritten intentions of the Blue House and the passport that are appropriately politically crushed. It is not what the people want for the party leadership to cowardly hide behind the party members and abandon their conscience.”

In particular, to President Moon Jae-in, “I am not saying much about the power-type sexual violence in Seoul and Busan. “(The Democratic Party member vote) is intended to overturn the party constitution that President Moon made as party leader in 2015. President Moon also urged the people to clearly state their position in front of the public whether they agree with this.”

At a press conference on this day, the people’s power hung a banner saying,’Is right then, wrong now? In October 2015, when President Moon was representing the New Political Democratic Union, he played a video stating that “our party did not make a candidate in an area that was attributable to our party in this re-election.” Ho-young Joo pointed out at a press conference, “(Democratic Party) is shifting its responsibility to the go-stop of party member voting. No matter how much politics is said to be politicians, it’s okay to be mindless, and Il-Guy-eon and Huan can’t be left behind.” The Justice Party also strongly criticized the Democratic Party’s vote. Justice Party spokesman Tae-soo Jang said in a briefing that “after issuing a promissory note of responsibility politics, it goes bankrupt when the repayment date comes back.” “It is embarrassing that the party issuing the bill is left behind and postponing responsibility to the party members who made guarantees.” Pinched. He added, “(At 6 pm on the day after the vote), the time has come to confirm the lightness of words in Korean politics.”

Reporter Yoo Seong-yeol [email protected]
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