Argentina win, Brazil fan does a sleep walk | Argentina | Brazil – video report on shayana pradakshinam of areekode man at bus stop over Argentina’s victory

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deepening.divakaran | Samayam Malayalam | Updated: 27 November 2022, 9:08 pm


The hustle and bustle of the World Cup matches is not only on the field but also outside. They also make fierce challenges to each other. But when all the fun is over, it usually cools down, but not so Brazilian fan Sunil. The custom is to do it if challenged. A bet was made that if Argentina won the game between Argentina and Mexico, they would have a sleepover at the Areecod bus stop. Sunil, who lost the bet as Argentina won the game, kept his word. In the last game of the Copa America, when Argentina won the Brazil game, Sunil came out with half of his moustache. After this Sunil suffered a setback in the next bet and performed a sleep walk. Sunil is an ardent fan of Brazil. Shayanapradakshina at Areekode bus stand is now viral on social media.


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