Argentinian Politician Faces Backlash for Luxury Yacht Trip: Public Outraged

Politician Sparks Public Outrage by Posting Pictures of Luxury Yacht Trip on Social Media

Published on 2023-10-02 at 23:25

A prominent Argentine politician, Martin Insauralde, and his girlfriend, Sofia Cleric, have stirred public anger after posting pictures on social media showcasing their extravagant vacation on a luxury yacht. The yacht is said to cost 15 million won per day, a figure that has outraged many amidst deep economic struggles in the country.

Political Scandal Shortly Before Main Elections

The scandal comes at a sensitive time, just three weeks before the main elections in Argentina. This has left the ruling party in a state of embarrassment, unable to conceal the controversy surrounding Insauralde’s lavish holiday.

Insauralde, who currently holds the positions of Prime Minister of the Province of Buenos Aires and chief electoral officer of the ruling party in the same province, has been strategically placed by the ruling Peron Party to secure their stronghold in Buenos Aires.

Accusations of Concealing Wealth and Illegal Accumulation

Amidst the outrage, media reports have surfaced claiming that Insauralde only reported 600,000 pesos as his official public assets last year, raising suspicions of potential wealth concealment. Furthermore, rumors regarding his recent divorce settlement, costing him a staggering $20 million, have led to doubts about the source of his wealth and allegations of possible illegal accumulation.

Resignation and Opposition’s Demands for Investigation

As the controversy gained momentum, Insauralde quickly submitted his resignation and was promptly dismissed from his positions. However, the opposition is demanding a thorough investigation into the allegations of fraudulent accumulation and misuse of public funds.

Cleric, who posted the initial photo that sparked the controversy, later defended herself by claiming that the luxury yacht belonged to a friend and that Insauralde traveled alone. However, critics remain skeptical and are calling for a full examination of the situation.

Outrage and Criticism from the Opposition

The opposition candidate for the House of Representatives, Agustín Romo, has strongly condemned Insauralde’s actions, citing the high poverty rate in Buenos Aires and the disparity between the politician’s extravagant lifestyle and the struggles faced by the majority of the population. Romo criticized the exorbitant alimony payment, luxury yacht trip, and expensive gifts, highlighting the dire situation faced by children in Buenos Aires.

This scandal has sparked a wave of public outrage and has become a focal point of discussion in the run-up to the upcoming elections in Argentina.

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Lover posts pictures on social media of yacht costing 15 million won a day, sparking public outrage

Martin Insauralde An Argentine politician and his girlfriend

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(Buenos Aires = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Seon-jeong = “It has not been long since statistics were published that the annual inflation rate is over 124% and 40% of the people are poor, and politicians spend $11,000 (15 million have ‘to win). ) day. ) I feel angry because I am traveling in Europe on a luxury yacht.”

In Argentina, just three weeks before the main elections (presidential and general elections), an unexpected political scandal broke out last weekend, leaving the ruling party unable to hide its embarrassment.

The event started with a photo of a luxury yacht that Sofia Cleric, known as a model and underwear business woman, posted on her social media account while enjoying a vacation in Marbella, Spain.

In the photo of a luxury yacht posted by Cleric, a faceless man can be seen with his back turned, and the person she tagged is Martin Insauraldei, a famous Argentinian politician.

Insauralde is the Prime Minister of the Province of Buenos Aires and the chief electoral officer of the ruling party in the Province of Buenos Aires.

However, he is not just a political official, but the mayor of Rome de Zamora (on leave), and has a reputation as a person strategically placed by the ruling Peron Party to secure the province of Buenos Aires, its stronghold

The controversy worsened as the media reported that he only reported 600,000 pesos (less than 5 million earned at the time) when reporting official public assets last year.

In addition, as rumors were published in the media that he, who is known to have divorced two months ago, had agreed to pay $20 million (27.1 billion won) in alimony to his ex-wife, doubts were raised that it was he who had lived. all his life as a politician, perhaps having accumulated wealth through illegal means.

As the controversy intensified, he submitted his resignation within a day and was immediately processed. In fact, the local media reported that the ruling party leadership had sacked him before the presidential election.

At the start of the event, Clerich deleted the photo and instead attacked netizens by saying, “Politicians can’t even go on vacation,” and “You’re weird.” After Insauralde was fired, the luxury yacht was his friend’s yacht, he traveled alone, and bought several luxury goods, he posted an excuse saying he had bought it, but the opposition accused Insauralde of fraudulent accumulation and he called for an investigation.

Agustín Romo, the opposition candidate for the House of Representatives, said, “70% of the children of Buenos Aires are poor, but it is disgusting that he gave his ex-wife $20 million, went on a luxury yacht trip with a model in Europe, gave her luxury handbags and watches, and drank luxury champagne.” was harshly criticized.

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