Ariana Grande remembers Mac Miller as "sweet soul"

THE CITY OF NAHANAL – t Ariana Grande Friday paid tribute to her old friend Mac Miller a week after the death of the hip-hop star, saying she is sorry she was not able to save the "sweet soul" was a "nice friend". Grande put a video of Miller talking on his Instagram page on Friday. She also shared her first words on his death.

She wrote, "I admitted you from the day I met you when I was nineteen years old and I will always be so sad so I don't know what to do."

The paramedics discovered the 26-year-old parent without living in his home in Los Angeles on September 7 and he announced that he was dead soon afterwards. An autopsy was made, but no cause was declared.

He spoke openly about his difficulties with depression and substance abuse in his music.

Miller and the Grande were 25 years old, who is now talking to star Pete Night Live "Saturday", in a two-year relationship which ended earlier this year. She announced an unspoiled black and white photo of Miller on her Instagram job last weekend, but she didn't make any statements.

She completes Friday's Instagram job by saying “above anything else, I'm sorry I couldn't fix your pain or take from me. I was trying. Now.


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