Ariana Grande reveals a “frightening” brain scan on her PTSD, and fans spill in support

Ariana Grande took to Instagram on Thursday to share his brain scans that show that the PTSD is suffering the singer 'Thank you, Next'. In his Instagram stories, the singer compared a healthy brain to one that was affected by PTSD and called the scans “hilarious and terrifying” and sent the position “Not a joke” under control.

(Ariana Grande Instagram)

Fans were surprised about the exposure but they praised her for being brave enough to talk about her mental health in an open way.

One person of Twitter fans said: "We forget that Ariana Grande got 22 of her fans died in her field, and that an eight-year-old girl's youngest, 250 people were injured as well. She should be encouragement to take that seriously. "Another person said," She's always talking openly about how to save her life. Obviously she has PTSD …. If there is humor and friends and music as the way So, she deals with the mental health of the person. "The third user wrote," Ariana Grande has PTSD and people are worried about it. I hope the diagnosis (thank you) gives her some positive attention and helps to change the story. "

Ariana opened her struggle with anxiety and PTSD after the Manchester concert bombing in 2017 which killed 22 people. She told Vogue UK that it was difficult to open it. "It's hard to talk about because so many people are suffering because of a great loss. But it is true. I know these families and my fans, and everyone has a huge amount t the main thing, "she said.

Certainly there were a few months at Grande. His son, Mac Miller, died in September last year after suspicion of a drug overdose. The two were very close and clear, it was also tough. In post after his death, Grande admitted that she would always love him. "I can't believe you're not here anymore. I can't really put my head around it. We talked about this. Many times," the singer said in her heart job. She went through a split shortly afterwards with Pete Davidson in October, but one month after Miller's death.


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