ARK is now available for free on the Epic Games Store

In the Epic Games Store for a limited time until September 30 (Friday)『ARK: Evolving Survival』When‘Gloomhaven’ButFree deliveryin.

ARCH: Survival evolvedAn open world survival game set in a world inhabited by dinosaurs and other ancient creatures.. The player becomes a survivor, secures food and water, and crafts various items and buildings to survive in a harsh environment.

You can tame many creatures that appear in the game,riding a dinosaur, carrying luggage, or helping in battle. Some creatures have unique abilities, and by using them well, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your life. In addition to actual prehistoric creatures, game-original creatures will also appear.

In addition to solo play,Massive multiplayer with up to 100 playersYou can live with other players and enjoy competitive play. It is one of the popular titles that is not only available on PC, but also on home consoles and mobile versions.

(Image from Epic Games Store sales page “ARK: Survival Evolved”)

Gloomhhaven, on the other hand, is by Isaac Childres.A tactical RPG that digitizes popular board games. Set in a unique medieval dark fantasy world,Cooperative play for up to 4 playersIt also supports

In the game, you form a mercenary team of two to four people and explore the world through various quests and events. 17 unique characters, each with unique skills and over 1000 abilitiesEnjoy a wide range of upbringing and compositionit’s likely

inside the dungeonTurn-based battle using cardsDevelop and strengthen your character by leveling up and acquiring new equipment. There are 95 types of story missions organized from the original board game, and among them are scenes that force the player to make a choice.

(The image is from the Epic Games Store “Gloomhhaven” sales page)

“ARK: Survival Evolved” and “Gloomhhaven” are available for free on the Epic Games Store for a limited time until Friday, September 30th. Once added to the library, it can be downloaded at any time, so don’t forget to get it.Also, from 30 September (Friday)『Runbow』When‘Drone Racing League Simulator’2 works will be distributed for free.

Click here to view the Epic Games Store “ARK: Survival Evolved” sales page.
Click here to view the Epic Games Store “Gloomhhaven” sales page


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