Ark Survival Evolved has been updated on the Nintendo Switch.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 7:06:38 PM, Indochina time.

Released in June 2015 for Ark: Evolving Survival and the launch was met with mixed reception. The game has Play a game Unique not seen in the survival genre at the time. By mixing it with monsters that can be caught and tamed. and because of its popularity Ark: Evolving Survival way Studio Wild Card so he decided to send a port Ark: Evolving Survival i Nintendo Switch

However, due to port hardware limitations, Nintendo Switch As a result, it was not well received by fans and some critics. This is mainly due to performance issues and game bugs. However, the latest update for He developed Ark Survival forward Nintendo Switch It seems to have fixed many bugs and glitches in the game.

The latest patch resolved a number of issues. Indefinite sessions are currently available. As well as fixing the condition where wild dinosaurs will stop moving online. Including solving the problem of spawning creatures. A bug in anti-net logic that kills players when they enter Pearl Caves online installed As the problem of dates not saving online. This update allows players to enjoy the current version while they wait. Ultimate Edition of Ark: Survival postpone again

As well as fixing bugs and errors. The update also fixes a number of other issues that some players have been experiencing, such as significantly improved melee performance, fixing the flashing online breeding icon, fixing the ballista turret displaying bullets when unavailable , and many more.

ARK: Evolving Survival Now available for mobile, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch a Xbox One


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