Armed demonstration of 8 nuclear-capable B2 bombers on US mainland… North Korea warning

12,000km flight without refueling… North Korea flew to Gunsan during 3rd nuclear test

Footage was released of the US B-2 “Spirit” strategic bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons with maximum weapons and even removing them, which was interpreted as a warning to North Korea.

On the 27th, a scene was posted on the Facebook page of the 509th Bombardment Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, USA, which operates the B-2, during the most armed simultaneous sortie training called ‘Elephant Walk’.

“We conduct elephant walks and launch drills to conclude our annual ‘Spirit Vigilant’ exercise,” said the squadron. He’s going,” he said.

Elephant Walk is a training exercise where aircraft drive down a runway with their largest weapons mounted.

The 509th Bomb Wing operates 19 B-2s, which are considered one of the top three strategic bombers in the United States along with the B-52H and B-1B.

With two pilots on board, the B-2 can fly up to 12,000 km without refueling with a wingspan of 52.4 m, body length of 21 m, maximum take-off weight of 170,600 kg, maximum speed of Mach 0.95, and armed payload of 18 tonnes.

Although it is slower than the B-1B with a maximum speed of Mach 1.25 and a weapons load of 56 tons, the B-2 has a stealth function unlike the B-1B, and can also load nuclear weapons.

It can carry 16 B61/B83 nuclear bombs and air-launched cruise missiles.

In addition, it can simultaneously drop 16 2,000-pound (900 kg) JDAM (Joint Precision Direct Attack Munition) projectiles capable of penetrating 2.4 to 3 m thick concrete, and 80 500-pound (250 kg) JDAMs can spray

It can also operate the GBU-57 MOP super-large bunker buster weighing 13.6 tonnes, which is said to be capable of penetrating a 60-metre thick reinforced concrete wall.

In March 2013, immediately after North Korea’s third nuclear test, two B-2s left Whiteman Base and flew 10,500 km while refueling in the air, flying to the Jikdo range off the coast of Gunsan for training bombing.

Armed display of 8 nuclear-capable B-2 bombers on the US mainland…

Bruce Bennett, a senior researcher at the Land Research Institute, a US military think tank, told Voice of America (VOA) that the US release of the B-2 training was “a strong warning message to North Korean leader Kim Jong -one.”

“The United States is trying to show that Chairman Kim is not on the same level as the United States,” Bennett said. “If he wants to start a war, he will pay a serious price and he will not survive.”

“The United States is trying to show that there are many ways to deal with people like Kim Jong-un who want to start a nuclear war,” he said.

While North Korea is raising the level of provocations, such as the launch of the Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on the 18th, the US continues to expose its strategic nuclear assets and state-of-the-art stealth fighters under training.

On the 23rd, the United States unusually revealed the location of the Ohio-class guided nuclear submarine USS Michigan (SSGN-727), which could launch a lethal attack on North Korea in case of a crisis.

On the 22nd, the USFK demonstrated a training session with approximately 30 F-22A ‘Raptor’ stealth fighters being formed at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan.

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