Arming our police with college degrees

We don’t dismantle the police; let’s educate them. Studies show that police with at least two years of college have fewer reports of misconduct and tend to be more restrained in the use of force and seem to manage stress better.

Why in 2020 many communities no longer require a high school diploma for entry into law enforcement? We require a person to have the qualification to teach in first grade but not to carry a gun, enforce the law, and keep the peace.

In a Florida study, 75% of disciplinary actions went to officials with only a high school diploma. 30% of the force officers had four years of college, but were responsible for only 11% of disciplinary actions.

More educated cops are better cops.

There are currently specific degrees for law enforcement; however, I think any degree would be beneficial. As a taxpayer, I would encourage communities to have tuition reimbursement programs for continuing law enforcement training, as well as incentives to help pay the costs associated with education for officers entering law enforcement.

We are in a nation divided like a cake; some want to disintegrate the police, most want good and solid police, and some believe that the police should be a hammer against lawlessness.

Wherever you are in the discussion, it’s hard to argue against the requirements that make the police better. You don’t need to go to your local station to see what the requirements are in your community; just visit the website of almost any jurisdiction and they will have the jobs posted with the requirements. If those minimum requirements are high school, then that says something about leadership in local law enforcement and local government.

Marco Diaz

Red Rock

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