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Arrest 93 tourists drinking alcohol and music opposite the Royal Thai Police

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Pathumwan Police Station raid service selling liquor, beer In a famous department store opposite the Royal Thai Police, 93 drinkers were arrested and charged.

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On October 19, 2021, Pol. Col. Pansa Amaraphithak, Superintendent of Pathumwan Police Station Police officers at the Pathumwan Police Station were brought in to inspect the tapas music bar service in Central World Department Store, Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan Subdistrict, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok at 10 p.m. on October 18, 64 after learning that there had been a violation. selling alcoholic beverages and allow customers to use the service in large numbers without distance according to public health requirements

Inside the shop, you can find customers enjoying drinking and eating. with a musical performance And there are smuggled alcoholic beverages. without distance Officials therefore controlled a total of 93 tourists using the service, divided into 29 men and 64 women, to be tested for COVID-19 before sending them to the Pathumwan Police Investigation Officer. legal action

Pol Col Pansa revealed that he had previously received complaints that the service place was illegally selling alcohol. and does not provide space to sit apart for customers Randomly at risk of spreading on October 16, 64, so the investigative team came to check and found that there was an illegal act and warned. to improve

Later, on October 17, 64, the director of Pathumwan District have also been admonished and advised But in the end, it was found to be illegally opened without complying with the requirements. not afraid of the law even though he had been warned before The important thing is that the shop is on the opposite side of the Royal Thai Police (Sq.), but it still violates. Therefore, the force was brought in to investigate and arrest in order to avoid further exemptions.

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