Arrest Made in Connection with Fake Online Shopping Mall Scam that Defrauded Hundreds of Victims

Head of Criminal Organization Arrested for Operating Fake Online Shopping Mall

By Myeong Jong-won

Ulsan, South Korea – In a significant breakthrough, the leader of a notorious criminal organization involved in a large-scale fraud operation has been apprehended. Mr. B, the mastermind behind the operation, was captured in an apartment in Ulsan by the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency. This criminal syndicate, operating through several well-known online shopping platforms in Korea, managed to swindle a staggering total of 940 million won from 436 unsuspecting victims.

The Investigation Department of Suwon West Police Station in Gyeonggi Province successfully apprehended four members of the criminal organization, known as “All Koreas.” Their fraudulent scheme relied on a fake online shopping mall, enticing innocent individuals with irresistible offers and manipulating them into making purchases.

The initial arrest took place when authorities caught A, an individual in his 40s responsible for cash withdrawals. A was in the act of transferring ill-gotten gains to his superiors through an ATM when the police intervened. Through meticulous account analysis and investigations spanning ten months, the police were able to uncover the existence of an accomplice. This ultimately led to the arrest of Mr. B, the mastermind behind this lucrative criminal enterprise.

The operation executed by this criminal organization involved posting deceptive messages on the bulletin boards of renowned shopping malls between June 2021 and November of the previous year. Their modus operandi was simple yet effective: persuading victims to pay with cash in exchange for generous discounts on electronic products. Victims would then access the bogus online shopping mall, where they would unwittingly make bank transfers, falling prey to identity theft.

To gain the trust of their victims, the criminal syndicate stole the identities of innocent individuals, masquerading as legitimate sellers of electronic goods within these reputable shopping malls. Furthermore, they obtained contact information from the victims recorded in these shopping malls and sent them tailored messages from the fraudulent shopping mall’s address, further cementing the air of authenticity.

The police have taken swift action, seizing £650 million of the gang’s ill-gotten gains and are currently analyzing digital evidence obtained from the raided premises. A spokesperson for the police commented, “While we managed to apprehend Mr. A, the cash withdrawal agent, early on, it took months of tireless investigation to apprehend the mastermind and his cohorts. Our plans involve delving deeper to determine if this criminal organization is responsible for more than just fraud.”

The arrest of Mr. B signifies a decisive blow against organized crime, demonstrating the commitment of law enforcement authorities in upholding justice and protecting the public from sophisticated fraudulent schemes.

▲ Arrest the leader of a criminal organization
Mr B, the head of a criminal organization that stole a total of 940 million won from 436 victims by luring them to a fake shopping mall that he operated through several famous online shopping malls in Korea, has been arrested in apartment in Ulsan. Provided by Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency A group of people who stole over 900 million by running a ‘fake online shopping mall’ to commit fraud were caught by the police.

On the 11th, the Investigation Department of Suwon West Police Station in Gyeonggi Province arrested four members of a criminal organization (All Koreas) who stole a total of 940 million won from 436 victims by luring them to a fake shopping mall that they operated through a number of famous online shopping malls in Korea.

The person caught by the police early on was A (40s), a cash withdrawal agent. In August last year, the police received a report of suspected voice phishing and went to the scene to arrest Mr A, who was transferring the proceeds of crime to his superiors via an ATM.

The police who arrested Mr. A recognized the fact that he had an assistant through account analysis, etc., and as a result of tracking for about 10 months, Mr. B (40s), the chief officer, was arrested in an apartment in Ulsan on August 25th, and a total of 4 people were arrested, including 2 remaining accomplices. They were all detained and handed over to the prosecution.

Between June 2021 and November last year, this gang posted a message on the bulletin board of a famous shopping mall saying, “If you pay with cash, we will give you an extra discount on electronic products,” encouraging people to access the fake mall. site they created and then make a bank transfer The crime was committed using a method: identity theft.
In order to instill trust in the victims, these gangs stole other people’s IDs and falsely registered as sellers of electronic products such as televisions and refrigerators in famous shopping malls. Another person’s identity card used in the crime. Provided by South Gyeonggi Police Agency In addition, the contact information of the victim recorded in a famous shopping mall was found and individually queried by sending the contact address of a fake shopping mall.

In order to instill trust in the victims, they stole other people’s IDs and falsely registered themselves as sellers of electronic products such as televisions and refrigerators in famous shopping malls.

Police applied for a freeze on £650 million of the gang’s criminal proceeds and plan to continue analyzing digital evidence from the seized items.

A police officer said, “We arrested Mr A first, the person responsible for withdrawing cash, but it took 10 months of tracking before we arrested the general manager and his accomplices.” He added, “We intend to investigate to see if there were other crimes other than fraud charges.”

Reporter Myeong Jong-won

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