Arrest warrant for former security bureau chief Suh Hoon… Does it apply to former President Moon Jae-in?

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Prosecutors investigating the ‘shooting of a public official in the West Sea’ have requested an arrest warrant for the former head of the National Security Office, Suh Hoon.

It is alleged that government officials who were struck by the West Sea gave instructions to drive them as if they had voluntarily left for North Korea.

This is the first time the prosecution has requested an arrest warrant for the highest ranking official in the previous government’s White House.

Reporter Kim Ji-in covered the story.

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Prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for former National Security Bureau chief Suh Hoon, who is in charge of the Blue House security line in North Korea under the Moon Jae-in administration.

This is the first time an arrest warrant has been made for a top official in the previous government’s White House.

Seo is accused of giving instructions at a meeting at the Blue House to drive Lee as if he had voluntarily stepped into North Korea immediately after the assassination of the late Lee Dae-joon, a public official at the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in September 2020.

Also applied were the charges of directing the Ministry of National Defense, the National Intelligence Service, and the Coast Guard to write false documents that drive them voluntarily to North Korea.

In the investigation on the 24th and 25th, former chief Seo maintained the position that “there is no reason or practical benefit to drive to North Korea without any basis.”

Since the positions of the prosecution and the old government security line run in parallel, the success or failure of the investigation is really determined by whether the court decides that the charges are explained and issues an arrest warrant .

The Democratic Party of Korea protested, saying, “Evidence has been secured and the prosecution is issuing an arrest warrant even though we have been present and cooperated for two days.”

[김의겸/더불어민주당 대변인]

“Oh disgrace, the runner is Simbo. It is a product of pettiness to save face even a little for the Seok-yeol Yoon administration, and fell to the ground scratching the Moon Jae-administration.”

At the moment, it seems unlikely that this investigation will go up to former President Moon Jae-in.

This is because former boss Seo draws the line, saying, “Former President Moon ordered that ‘check the facts first, and tell the people as they are’.”

Former Chief Seo served as head of the National Intelligence Service at the time of the North Korean fishermen’s return in 2019, and has also been accused of being part of the decision to return the North Korean fishermen.

Even if the arrest warrant is dismissed during the final stage of the investigation into this case, it seems inevitable that Seo will be investigated further.

This is Kim Ji-in from MBC News.

Video commentary: Kim Doo-young / Video editing: Lee Jeong-geun

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