Arrest warrants have been issued for 3 DSI officers accused of a heavy search of the Consul General’s home in Nauru.

on January 28 Chuvit Kamolwisit Mr former politician and famous night businessmen Posted a message via Facebook revealing that Progress made this morning, the Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for DSI director level officers together with 3 people accused of joint trespass and theft. in the dwelling at night

“This morning, the Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for a DSI director level officer and his associates for conspiracy to invade a dwelling, conspiracy to steal. in the house at night From the incident on December 22, 2022, he attacked the condo belonging to the former Consul General of Nauru near Huai Khwang.

Before that, this gang went to slap on Ban Jean Tao Sathorn’s property. The accused was released with a red warning to flee, split the money, and then these three people separated to continue coming to the condo without a search warrant. Went to tear the cash but couldn’t find it.

But when he came, he brought some valuable assets in his hand, and when the red matter pushed him back to the Nauru consul He became foolish to see that I went to get the stuff out of the room, so I got 2 heavy charges.

This crew must have been willing to do it many times. Famous for the name of the DSI organization which was set up to emulate America’s ‘FBI’, but is pushed to behave like a ‘little thief’. you must hurry to collect the money to keep the property first in case it is stolen

Where are the police now? which is famous for being tricky with the parade leading tourists Followed by a checkpoint to hit the wealth of Taiwanese tourists, it is true, it is not true. This matter cannot be postponed. The confirming person must be a Taiwanese woman. or the Taiwanese Ambassador Not for the police to confirm that they did not.

There are CCTV cameras there. Quick catch of gold shop thieves But this ruined the reputation. travel Pushing the ball out, the style is delayed it must be made clear And still coming to see the DSI Stealing and slapping property and releasing Can’t depend on anyone anymore People have to depend on themselves.”

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