Arrested 18 Burmese, smuggling into Thailand, paying brokers ten thousand, starving for 4 days and 4 nights

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14 Jan 2022 12:58 a.m.

Wang Chao Police Station raids and arrests foreign workers smuggling into the wrong city The police hide in the banana plantation villagers gathered 18 people, investigating found that the brokers took the head of ten thousand queues. brought in through natural channels Walking in the forest, starving for 4 days 4 nights

At 18:00 on 13 January 65, Pol. Col. Wasan Sirikankomol, superintendent of Wang Chao police station Notified of a group of people who are believed to be foreign workers illegal immigration Hiding in a banana plantation of villagers in the area of ​​Village No. 5, Na Bot Subdistrict, Wang Chao District, Tak Province, therefore mobilized the police and administrative to inspect the floor

The scene was a banana plantation. at the end of the village When the officers arrived, the siege was dispersed. and showed himself to be arrested When a group of people who are hiding see the officers They scattered and ran away in different directions. Authorities pursued and were able to arrest 18 people, who were found to be Burmese migrants. All taken to Wang Chao Police Station for prosecution.

From the investigation found that The detained workers Many people can speak Thai clearly. A 34-year-old male worker revealed that he and his wife had contacted through a broker on the Myanmar side. to travel to escape to Thailand Must pay 23,500 baht per person, total 2 people 47,000 baht, the others depend on the price the broker will call. But everyone has to pay at least 17,000 baht.

The man said that after having successfully traveled from Myanmar to Thailand, through natural channels There are approximately 35 Myanmar workers, both males and females, and will then be picked up by pickup trucks and driven to park in the forest. Then there will be Thai people leading the path in the forest, spending 4 days and 4 nights living in the forest. There will be people leading the way to change each other, not the same page. and will lead the walkway only during the daytime During the night, the guide will give you a break in the forest. The guide will disappear.

“All the time I was in the forest for 4 days and 4 nights I didn’t eat. There was only water in the forest streams for drinking and eating. until reaching the banana plantation The guide told me to wait here and there will be a car to pick me up. He and his companions followed suit. until the officers came to arrest startled everyone and ran away He and his friends were unable to escape, so they were arrested,” said the male worker.

Initially, the police had taken all the workers who had been arrested. Let’s proceed with the legal process and wait to push back to the country of origin.

Reporters reported that because all the workers were in a state of hunger because of fasting for several days So the police officers had to cook boiled rice with minced pork to eat. to satisfy the hunger of all workers As for the labor group who escaped arrest, Police officers, village headman, village peace and order team, Chor Bor. and villagers have helped each other to follow up and help people in the area to help surveillance. If you see a stranger, notify the staff immediately.

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