Arrested 2 Cambodian youths playing with Pattaya, riding a motorcycle, throwing petrol bombs at a car riding in the park, claiming they threw the wrong person.

Two Cambodian youths have been arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails at a young man riding a car in Pattaya, claiming they threw them wrongly because they were threatened with guns.

Reporters reported that from the case of a group of teenagers on motorbikes throwing glass bombs at motorbikes driving in the opposite direction until causing Mr Thanakorn, 22 years old (driver) and Ms Worakarn, 22 years old (staff ) were burned to the point of being seriously injured. The CCTV can record the event. While the incident was clearly recorded The side the injured party confirmed had never had a relationship with anyone before. And don’t know who the villain is because they are suddenly riding in the opposite direction Molotov cocktails were thrown at him.

Most recently, the police managed to arrest 8 suspects aged between 16 and 19 and keep them for questioning. Pattaya City Police Station A trigger test lasted more than three hours before two out of eight youths admitted to having thrown Molotov cocktails. together with the medium The clothes worn on the day of the offence. Honda Wave I 110 motorbike, blue, registered in Chonburi and 1 white full face helmet

As for the person who admitted to being a bomb thrower, Mr. Dee, 17, a young man from Cambodia, and the driver, Mr. Natthaphon, 18, by Mr. Dee, Cambodian, both admitted that they “threw the wrong person” , claiming that they were teenagers Enemies ride the Vespa motorcycle brand. use of threatening firearms In anger, they rode around in search of him. until the scene of the accident saw the injured person riding a Vespa The color matched the teenagers, so the parties threw bombs at them. not knowing if it was the real party or not As for the Molotov cocktail used in the crime, Mr Dee admitted that he had made it himself.

Chonburi Provincial Police Chief Major General Kampon Leelapraphorn said he was initially charged with “assaulting others with serious joint injuries” in relation to the charges against the Explosives Act. He is in the process of investigating the explosion mechanism. If it is found that it is taken in this case as well In addition, the above legal case is a disgraceful act that violates the laws of the country and greatly damages the image of tourism and the economy of Thailand.