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Arrested by Buriram police for vaccination with 3 needles, indicating that the state may be broken with “bottle bottom vaccines”

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July 26, 2021, 10:36 p.m.

Niphit Inthasombat, former deputy head of the UDD, Chabpo, Buriram police, has been injected with “three needle vaccines”. The government has to clarify. if not I bet the government may collapse with “Bottle Bottom Vaccines” hit, overlap, injustice

On July 26, 2021, Mr. Nipit Inthasombat, former Deputy Leader of the Democrat Party facebook post story “The government will collapse with This is ‘Bottle Bottom Vaccine’” means: 1.) Ajarn Thongthong Chantrangsu was the first person to open the issue as to why Buriram police Has been vaccinated with the 3th needle, although the 3th needle should be injected to medical personnel in the whole country first. 2.) Buriram Provincial Police Commander, Pol. Maj. Gen. Ruthaphol Nawarat, clarified that 1. These police is the front line to pick up patients from Bangkok back to Buriram for treatment; and 2. Vaccines that are injected are the remaining bottle-bottom vaccines. not to encroach on anyone Because normally the vaccine that is injected has about 1-2 injections left at the bottom of the bottle, so they are injected to the police. 3. But if you look at the news photos at Pol Col. Suek Chinthanasap, Superintendent of Ban Mai Chaiyaphot, Jr. Buriram, while vaccinating the third needle, it appears that Pol Col Suek said that he was the one who coordinated the request for the police vaccination. (I didn’t say that he asked for a bottle bottom vaccination). It shows that it is not “Bottle bottom vaccine” like Buriram Governor say anything

4. If so, the government and the Ministry of Health I have to clarify that. Other provincial police have injected “Bottle bottom vaccine”, the 3rd needle, have you already? If still, then there really is discrimination. which in a democracy discrimination and injustice Will destroy this regime to be demolished, I think if the Prime Minister being debated in distrust The first thing you need to do is answer the question. “Bottle bottom vaccine at Buriram” if you can’t answer. I don’t want to think what will happen. I think this is scary. Finally, I’m afraid The government will collapse with This “bottle bottom vaccine” is nothing. #Bottle bottom vaccine

Mr. Niphit gave an additional interview that The clarification of the Commander of Buriram Province is not the same as the Superintendent of Ban Mai Chaiphot in Buriram Province previously said. who said that he had coordinated to ask for an injection at the hospital and asked if the police were standing and waiting in line for a bottle bottom vaccine and how do you know How many people come to inject, how many people will be left with the bottle bottom vaccine? This will be a big deal. pointing to inequality, injustice, discrimination Because two weeks ago, he opened a comparative issue that Buriram province had received a percentage of vaccination and found that there were more injections than Phuket. or Chiang Mai which is the target province to open government tourism or the province that is the red area where the virus is spreading heavily Although he explained that Buriram has a project to organize a racing competition. need to be injected But knowing that this project has canceled this event, he believes that this is both the opposition and the protesters. will be picked up as an issue to expand the results both inside and outside the Council

When asked to come out and say this Opposite the people in the Democratic Party Will there be any effect? ​​Mr. Niphit said that he spoke according to the facts.

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