Arrested for parental abuse after death with bruises

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In Incheon, a male student in the 5th grade of an elementary school died in a case of suspected child abuse.

Bruises were found all over the body, and the police hastily arrested the parents and separated the other two children.

This is reporter Jeong Hye-in.

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There is a police control line with a no entry sign attached to the front door, next to which are bicycles and children’s kick boards.

Yesterday at 1:44 pm, there was a report on 119 flat in Incheon saying, “The child is not breathing.”

The complainant is the father of the student.

The student, who was in the 5th grade at the elementary school, was taken to the hospital in a state of cardiac arrest, but eventually died.

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“I was even told that a child was taken away by the ambulance.”

However, bruises were found all over the student’s body, and the paramedics, who were suspicious of him, informed the police.

After receiving a request from the fire department for a joint response, the police immediately arrested the parents and separated the deceased son’s two younger siblings from their home.

The student lived with his father in his 30s, his stepmother in her 40s, and two younger siblings, but had not been at school since the end of November last year.

When they did not attend even after the winter vacation was over, the homeroom teacher told the parents to come to school because they had to get a grade promotion, but the parents refused to go to school, saying, “We are preparing to study abroad, and the child is being educated at home.” Confirmed.

The student was in intensive care even before the long-term absence, and has received counseling from the school on an ongoing basis.

The parents deny allegations of child abuse, police said.

Police plan to decide whether to apply for an arrest warrant by finding out if the parents were abused, such as requesting an autopsy of the body from the National Institute for Scientific Investigation.

This is Jung Hye-in from MBC News.

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