Arrested girl “arson” at an oil warehouse in Om Yai area. The owner was stunned about the cause.

From the case, on November 29, around 12.10 p.m., volunteers join in gratitude, Nakhon Pathom province, received a report of a fire at an oil storage warehouse. lubricant hydraulic oil Prapak Oil Co., Ltd. Located at 26/15 Moo 2, Om Yai Subdistrict, Sampran District, Nakhon Pathom Province.

After the police arrested Ms. Sirisini or Ann, 38 years old. Head of Warehouseof the company who were injured in the warehouse fire because the policeEvidence from the CCTV installed inside the warehouse After the camera caught fire, but the data can be recovered. From the picture, it was found that inside the warehouse there was Ms. Sirasinee. live alone because all the other workers at lunch time went out to eat and the camera also captures the moment Miss Sirasinee Walk into the warehouse Then use A4 size paper in hand to light the fire and place it at the lubricant tank area. and the paper box area causing the entire warehouse to burst into flames

from inquiry Mr. Nophrut, 37 years old, heir of Prapagro Oil Company Limited has revealed that Knowing who the culprit was since last night, she admits that she was crying and felt very sorry to hear that Ms. Sirisinee or Ann, a staff member. The head of the warehouse department is an arsonist becausePersonally, it is considered a subordinate that he is close with. which Ms.Sirasini cited the motive. that stress accumulated because of being blamed Previously, the first fire in April was already sad. After this incident Makes me confused until I think that the first time the scene was “arson” or not

caught girl

subject matterCause of arson, insurance can be cut. and understand the views of the villagers who live nearby because the first time it caught fire And I myself have land here. So bring the product to keep at this point. but it happened before which itself has already bought new land fill the land finished writing Waiting to build a new warehouse, which from the period of 7 months from the first The Prapag Oil Company was hurried to find a new place for the safety of neighboring villagers

caught girl



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