Arrested, the giant Jong Ang raised his neck along the Bang Phra Basin. Female, but up to 4 meters long

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30 Nov 2021 10:54 p.m.

Caught, a large king cobra raised its neck and looked at the people by the Bang Phra Basin, Sriracha District, opposite the Subdistrict Administrative Organization. successfully led the capture team Found as a female with a total length of 4 meters. It is considered a very large female. The condition is not very strong. There is a wound. Take it back to the veterinarian for health check before releasing it in the wild.

from the case of people who come for jogging, walking and cycling A large king cobra appeared on the roadside of Bang Phra Reservoir, opposite Bang Phra Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province. Along with officers who specialize in catching snakes, Bang Phra Subdistrict Administrative Organization officials and Bang Phra Reservoir Non-Hunting Area Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has joined together to watch out for the king cobra found.

Most recently, at 6:30 p.m. on November 30, 64 was notified by the team to catch the serpent. and related officials that he was able to catch the king cobra It was found that the king cobra slithered out into the channel running along the edge of the Bang Phra Reservoir. which the officer took no time to catch Before being brought to the Bang Phra Water Bird Breeding Station, Sriracha District, for the veterinary team to perform a physical examination. which was initially found to be female Measures about 4 meters in length, physically exhausted. and not as strong as they should be They also found wounds on the body. Expected to be grafted However, the staff will speed up the treatment and release it back into the nature suitable for the king cobra.

Mr. Nirut Chom-ngam, chairman of the Sorotoxicology Project, said that the initial examination of the cobra found that the cobra was calm. not as aggressive as it should be Personally, since catching snakes He had never seen a female cobra of such weight and length before. But all in catching the king cobra this time is for the people who come to exercise. or the people traveling to get safety from coordinating public assistance and agencies in the area

As for the drama issue that some people disagree with. don’t want to catch snakes Because this place is already a conservation area, why do we catch it? In this visit, it was because people and local authorities requested it, and our visit was to reduce the conflict. Hope people are safe, snakes are safe, which we understand every point, but want to look at the wide angle. Because this area has a lot of people come for running, cycling and exercising. including those who pass by If not caught and released in the appropriate area, it can be dangerous for people. However, this king cobra is now in the care of a team of veterinarians for a check-up. After that, it will be released in the appropriate area.

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