Arrests Made in Nooranad for Sending Obscene Silent Letters: Three Natives Taken into Custody

Three Arrested for Sending Obscene Letters in Nooranadu

Nooranadu: In a notable breakthrough, the local authorities have successfully apprehended the culprits responsible for inundating the residents of Nooranadu with explicit and offensive letters over a six-month period. The individuals identified as Shyam, Jalaja, and Rajendran, all hailing from Nooranadu, were taken into custody. According to the police, they were caught red-handed while attempting to send yet another disturbing letter.

Background of the Case

The first accused, Shyam, approached the police station in January, alleging that Manoj had falsely accused him of violently disposing of a dog in a neighboring property’s well. Disturbingly, Shyam confessed to composing and circulating obscene letters under the guise of Manoj Shyam. Shockingly, within a week, Swapna Suresh, the Chairperson of Nooranadu Panchayat, received an illicit letter falsely attributed to Shyam.

Subsequently, Raju Apsara, the State President of the Traders and Entrepreneurs Coordinating Committee, and former Member of Parliament KK Shaju were also targeted, receiving similar offensive correspondences. With no respite for over half a year and approximately 50 indecent letters sent to the locals of Nooranadu, Shyam finally lodged a complaint with the Nooranadu police. Upon investigation, it was determined that Shyam’s accusation against Manoj was unfounded, and Shyam himself turned out to be the true culprit behind the scandalous campaign.

Motive Unearthed

Evidently, Shyam’s deep-seated animosity toward his neighbors, Manoj and Sreekumar, impelled him to embark on this reprehensible letter-writing spree. Employing a mobile location tracking system, the letters were dispatched to locations where Manoj supposedly frequented, with the intention of capturing his attention.

The prompt resolution of this case has alleviated the concerns and distress of the Nooranadu community. With the perpetrators now in custody, the town can begin the process of healing and restoring a sense of safety. The diligent efforts put forth by the police force in bringing these wrongdoers to justice deserve commendation.

English Summary: Three individuals apprehended for their involvement in the distribution of obscene letters across Nooranadu.

Alappuzha – Those who wrote obscene silent letters to the natives of Nooranad for six months have been arrested. Shyam, Jalaja and Rajendran, natives of Nooranad, were arrested. The police said they had written silent letters to catch the neighbours. The accused was produced in court.

The first accused Shyam arrived at the police station last January saying that Manoj had accused him of killing a dog in the well of his neighbour’s house. He also told the police that he used to write obscene letters in the name of Manoj Shyam. Within a week, Nooranad Panchayat President Swapna Suresh received an obscene letter on behalf of Shyam.

Later, Raju Apsara, State President of the Traders and Entrepreneurs Coordinating Committee, and former Member of Parliament KK Shaju also sent letters. After six months, about 50 obscene letters were sent to Nooranad natives. Shyam then filed a complaint with the Nooranad police. In the subsequent investigation, the police found that Shyam’s claim was false and that Shyam himself was the accused.

Shyam’s enmity with his neighbors Manoj and Sreekumar led him to write the letter. The letter was sent to the places where Manoj is going to catch it through a mobile location.

English Summary: Three Arrested For Sending Non-Partisan Letters In Nooranadu

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