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Arrived in anticipation of arrest; Steps Part of the Agenda: Ayesha Sultana | Aisha Sultana

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Kochi: Director Ayesha Sultana said that she was present at the Kavaratti police station for questioning in anticipation of her arrest. Legal action against him is part of the agenda. These days, the police have checked the account details of Umma and her brother. He was told to return after the interrogation, but did not know why his phone was confiscated. She said in Kochi that it was a lie that she had violated the Kovid protocol on the island.

Ayesha’s flight from Agatti reached Kochi on Saturday afternoon but was diverted to Coimbatore due to inclement weather. The plane later returned to Nedumbassery and landed. The notice board at the Kochi airport also stated that the plane had been diverted.

They left Agatti at 1.40 pm and landed on Nedumbassery at 3 pm on an Air India 9I506 flight. Ayesha left Kavaratti for Kochi by helicopter in the morning.

When the notice board at Nedumbassery Airport was informed that the flight from Agatti had been diverted (left), before Ayesha Sultana boarded the helicopter from Kavaratti (right).

Ayesha was returning from a police interrogation in Kavaratti, Lakshadweep, after being charged with treason for referring to ‘biological weapons’ in a channel discussion. Ayesha had informed that the police had called her the other day and confiscated her phone while she was returning to Kochi.

She lives in Kochi with her mother and brother in connection with film production. Ayesha had said yesterday that she would return immediately to visit her maternal siblings in the hospital.

Ayesha Sultana returns by car from Kochi Airport. Picture: Jose Kutty Panakkal

English Summary: Aisha Sultana Response After Reaching Kochi


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