Arsenal Eyeing Eddie Nketiah Exchange Deal with Banned Striker Ivan Toney

Arsenal Eye Surprise Move for Eddie Nketiah

Arsenal is reportedly preparing for a surprising move in the upcoming January 2024 transfer window. The target this time is the young attacker, Eddie Nketiah, who might be exchanged for Brentford’s shooting star, Ivan Toney.

Toney, 27, has faced a lengthy ban for his involvement in football betting, despite it being legal in England. Such activities are against the rules for professional footballers. However, the ban is set to expire on January 17th next year.

Given that Toney’s ban will coincide with the opening of the winter transfer market, he has attracted interest from several top clubs due to his impressive record of 68 goals in the previous three seasons with Brentford. Arsenal is one of the teams linked with the player.

According to a report from The Mirror, Arsenal has identified Toney as their target to strengthen the attacking lineup. The intention is to provide additional scoring options to complement Gabriel Jesus, the Brazilian national team’s striker.

The report also suggests that Arsenal might sweeten the deal by offering Nketiah as part of the transfer bid. This move aims to increase the pressure on Brentford and facilitate the player’s release. Additionally, it ensures that Mikel Arteta’s forward options are not left untapped.

Despite starting five out of six Premier League games this season, Nketiah could be sold in this deal as Arteta prioritizes obtaining an established shooting star rather than continuing to develop the young talent, comparable to his decision regarding the goalkeeper position. As Aaron Ramsdale was dropped to allow David Raya to play, despite Ramsdale’s satisfactory performance in the recent period.

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Arsenal Surprise news Preparing for delivery Eddie Nketiah The young attacker went to exchange with Ivan Toney shooting star Brentford directly during the next market opening, January 2024.

Toney, 27, has been banned for a long time for football betting. which is even legal in England But it’s against the rules for insiders like professional footballers. The ban will be released on January 17th next year.

Because the period out of the ban will coincide with the opening of the winter market, Toney’s name has been linked with many big teams. From his work scoring 68 goals for Brentford in the previous 3 seasons, Arsenal was one of them.

Recently, The Mirror reported that Arsenal have already locked in their target for Toney to strengthen the attacking team. To be an additional scorer apart from Gabriel Jesus, the striker for the Brazilian national team.

The report also adds that Arsenal could include Nketiah in their bid to buy Toney to increase the pressure to convince Brentford to release the player more easily. And don’t let Mikel Arteta’s forward options go to waste.

Although Nketiah will start 5 out of 6 games in the Premier League this season, Arteta is believed to be ready to release him in this deal. To get a quality shooting star rather than honing it. As he does with the goalkeeper position. That Aaron Ramsdale was dropped so that David Raya could play, even though Ramsdale had not played badly during the last period.

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