Arsenal request postponement of Tottenham and North London derby

The Premier League (EPL) Arsenal has officially requested a postponement of the match against Tottenham Hotspur scheduled for the 17th (Korean time).
The BBC reported on the 15th (hereafter Korean time) that Arsenal had requested the league to postpone the Tottenham match on the 17th, saying there were not enough people available due to Corona 19, injuries, and calls for the Africa Cup of Nations.”
The match between Arsenal and Tottenham will be held as Tottenham’s home game on the 17th at 1:30 am Korean time. According to EPL rules, in order for a team to play, a team must have at least one goalkeeper and 13 players excluding the goalkeeper position.

Arsenal have requested a postponement of the North London derby against Tottenham. Photo=AFPBBNews=News1

But Arsenal currently lacks players. Four of them were called up for their national team in the African Cup of Nations. One player was banned from playing against Tottenham after receiving a red card during the League Cup semi-final the day before. There were also four injured players, so there are currently only 12 players excluding the goalkeeper position.
However, it is highly likely that Arsenal’s request will not be granted. The EPL Secretariat had previously requested a postponement of the match by several clubs, but did not accept it if there was a shortage of players due to reasons other than COVID-19. Currently, only one of Arsenal’s four injured players has tested positive for COVID-19.
The EPL Secretariat will review Arsenal’s request on the 15th and decide whether to proceed with the match. The EPL has already been postponed by 20 games due to COVID-19.
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