Arsenal without failure, successful in signing 70 billion Jejus?

Jejus, who lost their place with Holland transfer, go to Arsenal

Most of Arsenal’s high-paying players have successfully settled

Gabriel Jejus. ⓒ AP=Newsis

Arsenal fills the vacancy in forward with Gabriel Jejus (25, Brazil).

Arsenal announced on the 5th (local time) that they had signed a contract with Jejus, who played for Manchester City until last season.

The club did not disclose specific conditions, but local media in the UK believe that he signed a five-year contract for a transfer fee of 52.2 million euros (about 70.7 billion won).

From the point of view of Jejus, this is not a bad condition. This is because the former club Manchester City signed the front-line striker Elling Haaland as soon as the transfer window opened this summer, and the position of Jejus, which overlapped positions, was greatly reduced.

At the same time, manager Mikel Arteta, who ate a bowl of rice during his time as a Manchester City coach, reached out and an appropriate transfer fee was formed, making a transfer that satisfies Arsenal, Jejus and Manchester City.

Jejus, who has been transferred, said, “I used to stick with Mikel to practice shooting together, not only during training at Manchester City, but also outside the stadium.

Arsenal's top 10 transfer fees.  ⓒ Dalian SportsArsenal’s top 10 transfer fees. ⓒ Dalian Sports

Arsenal, who unfortunately missed 4th place last season, will participate in the UEFA Europa League next season.

Since Arteta’s managerial transition was half successful, expectations for this season are inevitably high.

However, Arsenal had a vacancy in which Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Aleksandr Lacazette, who had supported the team, left at the same time, and they are expecting the newly recruited Jejus to take their place quickly.

Above all, Arsenal are one of the few clubs where most of the players they have invested in have been successful. Aubameyang-Lacazette have been one of the Premier League’s best attacking duos for a long time, and looking a little further, the signings of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have also led to great success.

Nicholas Pepe, who recorded the club record, will be able to adapt to the game more perfectly, and it is also of interest to see if Jejus will show off a new attacking tactic.

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