Arson and Assault: Factory Owner Attacked and Set on Fire in Incheon

Arson Attack at Incheon Factory Leaves Owner Assaulted and Property Destroyed

The quiet suburb of Gyeyang-gu in Incheon was thrown into chaos on September 27 when a devastating fire engulfed a factory, resulting in the complete destruction of one building and severe damage to two container buildings. The Incheon Fire Department rushed to the scene to combat the blaze and prevent it from spreading further.

Assailant Apprehended

In a shocking turn of events, the Incheon Gyeyang Police Station has announced the arrest of a suspect, identified as Mr. A, a man in his 60s. Mr. A stands accused of not only assaulting the factory owner, Mr. B, but also setting him on fire before fleeing the scene. The charges include arson of the Hyeonju building and special injury.

The horrific incident occurred at approximately 8:35 pm when Mr. B was viciously attacked by Mr. A using a blunt object at the machinery manufacturing plant located in Pyeong-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon.

Devastation and Damage

The consequences of the arson attack were dire, with the main factory building, spanning an area of 266 m2 (80 pyeong), completely razed by the flames. Additionally, two container buildings were heavily compromised, as were vehicles parked in close proximity to the scene of the incident.

Mr. B has been receiving medical treatment for an abrasion on his forehead, sustained during the assault.

Background and Motive

Investigations by the police revealed that Mr. A was a former tenant who had previously rented a container in front of Mr. B’s factory, where he operated a machine repair business. The motive behind this violent act seems to stem from a dispute between the two over rental matters, specifically related to the removal of Mr. A’s container.

On the 28th of last month, law enforcement authorities arrested Mr. A at an apartment in Gyeyang-gu, bringing the investigation a step closer to completion.

A police officer involved in the case stated, “We will continue to pursue further inquiries with Mr. A and plan to hand him over to the prosecution within the next week.”

On the afternoon of September 27, a fire broke out at a factory in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, destroying one manufacturing plant and partially burning two container buildings. Provided by Incheon Fire Department

The Incheon Gyeyang Police Station announced on the 3rd that it had arrested Mr. A, in his 60s, on charges of assaulting the factory owner, setting her on fire, and running away (arson of the Hyeonju building and special injury).

Mr A is accused of attacking Mr B, a factory owner in his 60s, with a blunt object at a machinery manufacturing plant in Pyeong-dong, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, at around 8:35pm on September 27 and then setting him on fire.

In this fire, one factory building measuring 266 m2 (80 pyeong) was completely destroyed, and two container buildings and vehicles parked nearby were partially destroyed.

It is known that Mr. B is being treated for an abrasion on his forehead.

As a result of the police investigation, it was found that Mr A was a tenant who had previously rented a container in front of Mr B’s factory and was operating a machine repair business.

It is known that Mr. A committed this offense when the container was removed during a dispute with Mr B over rent matters.

Previously, the police arrested Mr. A at an apartment in Gyeyang-gu at around 3:30 pm on the 28th of last month.

A police officer said, “We plan to investigate Mr A further and send him to the prosecution within the next week.”

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