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Art | Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra enters Beijing International Music Festival to trace classical core with young voice_Mozart

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Original Title: Art | Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra at Beijing International Music Festival to trace the classical core with young voices

On October 17, the time indicator moved towards 1 pm. A group of young people who love music and are full of ideals demonstrated a new generation of understanding and love of classical music in the Titan Hall of the Beijing International Music Festival. The 2020 Khachaturian International Conducting Competition Silver Medal Winner Jin Yukuang and the Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra initiated by him bring classic masterpieces from Vivaldi to Beethoven, injecting youth into the Beijing International Music Festival lunch concert series breath. The concert is broadcast live through multiple channels such as radio and the Internet.

The young people of the Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra use language and music to lead the audience to explore the core of national music and German and Austrian music. Starting from the field scenery in Europe, the performer opened with an elegant and gentle Kodak “Serenade”, which attracted the audience’s attention to the bow.

Later, these young performers took the audience to the world of German and Austrian music, and felt the context of European music in the ensemble works of Beethoven and Mozart. The first performance is Beethoven’s “E-flat Major String Trio”. E-flat major is a tonality that can easily cause difficulty for string instrument players, but whether it is an E-flat major string trio at the age of 15 The creation of Beethoven, or the neoclassical chamber orchestra that perfectly interprets his works, both show the youthful power of classical music.

Before Mozart, Haydn had never thought of going beyond the fixed arrangement of string quartets. After Mozart, general composers did not dare to try string quintets easily until the appearance of Beethoven and Schubert. At the concert, the young performers of the Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra presented a number of Mozart ensemble to pay tribute to this talented predecessor who had the courage to make a breakthrough.

From the test of performance skills, the melodious and soothing Mozart’s “C Major String Quintet No. 3” to the “Rolling in E Flat Major” that repeatedly repeats the brisk melody, people can experience the exquisiteness of the German and Austrian land that is different from symphonic works. With a sense of life. Two groups of string quartets and a double bass complimented Mozart’s “Rides in D Major”, which brought the concert to a climax, and the coordination of the strings produced an infinite sense of elegance and heaviness.

Enthusiastic young people conducted the Jinyu Mine and the Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra, ending the lunch concert with Vivaldi’s classic masterpiece “Four Seasons” and “Summer”. The rapid and intensive rhythm brought the summer rainstorm into the concert scene, and the tacitly coordinated performance showed a sense of fluency at one go. The gradual intensity of the melody stopped at the last moment, and the audience’s applause continued for a long time.

“From the Country to the Palace” luncheon concert from the selection to the presentation highlights the tribute of the new generation of Chinese classical music youth to the classics, or the exquisite or magnificent music bursts with new vitality under the fingertips of the neoclassical chamber orchestra, allowing the scene The audience and the audience at the other end of the radio wave appreciate the uniqueness of string music and the immortal charm of masterpieces.

In the face of rich traditions, these young people unearthed the potential vitality of music itself with a respectful attitude, and the new generation is interpreting the classics in a new generation way. The Beijing International Music Festival focuses on innovation and breaks down barriers. It has truly achieved continuous breakthroughs, further clearing the threshold of classical music listening, and embedding music in life. From October 14th to 17th, as an important part of the 24th Beijing International Music Festival, the lunch concert will join hands with the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra “Brilliant Metal” brass quintet, baritone singer Wang Yunpeng and Korean pianist Xu Gengyan, famous guitarist Yang Xuefei and clarinet player Wang Tao, youth conductor Jinyu Mine and neoclassical chamber orchestra, brought four wonderful performances with different styles, incorporating classical melody into city landmarks.

It has been three years since the luncheon concert series was founded. The Beijing International Music Festival’s goal of bringing music to life has not changed. While providing a cordial music experience to the audience, it also provides more opportunities for Chinese young musicians to show themselves. .

(The picture shows the lunchtime concert site, provided by the Beijing International Music Festival)

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