Art Phasut sells crispy pork with the best 7 digits within 1 month, get rid of the insult, unemployment

Another actor who has turned to his own business. for handsome “The Art of Phasut” who now, as well as working in the industry, also opens a shop “Crispy Pork Khun Chai” also And it seems to be selling very well. Because there are customers queuing to buy as the shop has not yet opened. or some people pre-order overnight Selling like hotcakes.

latestYoung actor “Art Phasut” Came out to update the business through the list. “reveal” On May 29, 2023, ready to say thank you for every curse word Every gossip falls under Until making money reaches 7 digits in the last month and tell me about the virtue Of being a volunteer to clean the cemetery In my made lucky to win the lottery for 3 draws in a row