Art stayed in the hospital for 4 days and still couldn’t find the infection. What is the cause of rhinitis?

Art stayed in the hospital for 4 days and still couldn’t find the infection. What is the cause of rhinitis?

Art stays in hospital for 4 days / Suddenly, the nose became inflamed and swollen for no reason known to the actor Art of Phasut Banyam he had to go to bed and receive treatment in hospital for several days Most recently, he attended the worship ceremony for the drama “Mia Luang” at the Grammy building.

along with an interview about that illness “Initially, the doctor was taking that It can be an airborne infection that enters the nasal cavity.It’s just that it’s swollen. The second is that it can be bitten by an insect without our knowledge.Because there were marks, the symptoms started from the first day we returned from the temples in Ayutthaya. I went to shoot a drama there. On that day, his team went to sweep the dust. Sweep the bird droppings over there. It can cause aerosols that may contain bacteria to rise into the air. Let’s get back to the red nose first. And then there is a little pain. We thought it was sinus. I went to read it on the Internet and I was amazed at how it was.”

“When I woke up in the morning, I was swollen. When I went to the gym, I came back really swollen. It’s scary because I usually go and read on the internet in general. If he is infected, he must have diarrhoea. must have a stuffy nose This is nothing. I have no symptoms other than a swollen nose and a little pain here (in the middle of the nose). Taking antibiotics doesn’t seem to improve. So I had to go to the hospital and get about 5 doses of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and anti-swelling drugs to get better.”

Art stayed in the hospital for 4 days.

“Other symptoms are slight tinnitus. But the doctor said it will go away on its own. Because there are many components Because that day was hot and raining, the team went to sweep up the bird droppings and lots of insect droplets when it was raining. We were bitten. Now asking if I’m going to pour my heart towards the infection, I pour 70 percent, but about 30 percent are bitten by an insect. Now I still don’t know why it happened. I did to check everything. There were no symptoms. platelet check All white blood cell counts are normal.

Do you have any symptoms today? “I’ve been out of hospital for about a week. Like today, my nose was slightly swollen. There is a little redness. Usually, the doctor checks from time to time, checks according to symptoms, about 4 days ago, he went to check once. But the doctor said if there is swelling or redness again, hurry to find an antibiotic. I will check in more detail what caused that.”

Art stayed in the hospital for 4 days.

“Ask if you’re worried about anything. Better to be careful I’m usually a very active person. When filming dramas, they will go through their hands and don’t wash them, now they have to be more careful. Whenever I go anywhere, I have to wash my hands before touching my nose. Give it a cleaner look. About going to take pictures of the old temple, I am not suspicious, but just more cautious. This time I slept in a hospital bed in the last 5 years and the last time I slept with strep throat. And then this round.”

Art stayed in the hospital for 4 days.

“If you ask me if I’ve been infected this time, we can’t go to hospital. But we have insurance, we use our rights a little. because I have not used it yet Then, if the swelling in the hands or legs may not go to bed. But here we use difficult faces. in case there might be a body inside and then it swells up with rotten pus or if something happens, we better save better go see a doctor I posted a warning because many people might be afraid go to the doctor. Nowadays, there are many strange diseases If you have enough strength to go to the doctor, you want to see a doctor as soon as possible. We don’t know what it is now. Once we got inside, we couldn’t see it.”

Does it affect work? “It affected 3 days of work, he had to lift the pile for 3 days, that is, he went to hospital on the first day, he collapsed, but not completely. The second day he completely collapsed.”

Has the doctor told you what will happen if you go late or if you don’t go to the doctor? “I didn’t ask, but I was wondering if I hadn’t gone to see a doctor at the hospital. It hasn’t fallen yet. I asked the doctor what medicine was given. It is a steroid plus an antihistamine. The fact that I am a loser depends on what I lose. Give steroids along with antihistamines along with anti-edema drugs, so that it subsides quickly.

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