‘Article 14 supplementary budget’ to the National Assembly… Lee “Meeting with presidential candidates” vs.

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The government has approved a 14 trillion won supplementary budget to support small businesses.

But the politicians are saying that this is not enough.

Candidate Lee Jae-myung proposed a meeting with the presidential candidates while discussing the 35th supplementary budget, but Yoon Seok-yeol rejected it, saying “the authenticity of the budget is questionable.”

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There were many demands from the political circles for an increase, but the government decided on a 14 trillion won supplementary budget plan at the cabinet meeting within a week of discussion.

It is essential for supporting small businesses and strengthening quarantine, and asked to respect the government’s judgment.


“As you have been discussing the need for an additional budget considering the current urgent situation (even in the political circles), I hope that this supplementary budget bill can be dealt with as soon as possible in the National Assembly…”

Then, candidate Lee Jae-myung held an unscheduled press conference and suggested that the presidential candidates meet and discuss an increase in the extra budget.

The government’s supplementary budget bill is at the level of peeing, and the people’s power floor leadership initially proposed 35 trillion won, so the candidates said that they should gather and discuss.

However, he explained that it would be difficult and burdensome for the government to adjust only the expenditure requested by the people, so the next government should take responsibility for the detailed financing for 35 trillion won.

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“If you have affection for the people and are sincere, you will never be able to deny them…”

Candidate Seok-Yeol Yoon made it clear that he would reject it.

He has already stated that 14 trillion won is insufficient, and also said that there is a ’50 trillion won loss compensation plan after taking office’, and criticized Lee’s proposal as questioning the sincerity of the proposal.

[윤석열/국민의힘 대선 후보]

“I wonder if the public will see this as sincere.”

Floor leader Kim Ki-hyeon, who had initially mentioned 35 trillion won, also countered in a phone call with MBC that discussing the supplementary budget was “the task of the National Assembly, not the presidential candidate.”

Ahn Cheol-soo, chairman of the People’s Party, apologized for the formation of a supplementary budget in January and said that if he promised a debt-free supplementary budget, he could respond to dialogue, and the Justice Party welcomed Lee’s proposal.

Although it is not easy to reach an agreement with the politicians ahead of the presidential election, there is also a strong objection that the political circles are delaying compensation for urgent damages.

This is Lee Hak-soo from MBC News.

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