Artron artist members helping young artists to sail! “How to Art It’s ART” is officially released! _TOM Information

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Launch of Young Artists Art Activities

how to artIt’s ART”The series of art activities was started and created by Artron high-end youth art project that integrates exhibition, creation and promotion. The aim of the project is to improve the development of contemporary art and nurture young artists.Through exhibition, cross-border, art business, art empowermentSuch activities promote the growth of young artists, so that young artists can continue to talk to the outside world while improving themselves, and gradually form the frontier of academic research and multi-functional youth art development situation, and promote and revitalize the development and prosperity of youth art creation.

This themed event will be long term and open to all young artists.

Take part in the art event “Sut i Gelf Mae’n CELF” for a chance to winNomination of the monthList of young artistsaelegantChang YouthArtist Support Program signingAn opportunity.

2022yearThe epidemic has spread throughout the country, and the reappearance of the epidemic has affected the normal operation of art institutions, disrupted the creative rhythm of artists, and led to a continuous reduction in activities in the art industry.

But we strongly believe that young artists can overcome adversity and temporary difficulties with enough love,Artron will continue to provide voice platforms and showcase opportunities for artists.

Started by Artronhow to artIt’s ART”activities, forming a large-scale youth art exhibition that presents pairs of works in detail, focusing on the exhibition itselfInnovation and publicityfocusing on the works that support, pursue and care for people’s emotions, dignity, value, and destiny, and pay more attention to the overall presentation of the exhibition to reflect humanistic feelings.

In order to see the thinking of more young artists, the exhibition will beContinue to use the method of collecting worksa jury consisting of professors from eight fine arts academies, industry experts, and well-known media personalities will select and recommend the exhibited works.An innovative annual exhibition presented exclusively by the younger generation.

▌How the Art It’s ART campaign starts!

1. Collection objects and requirements for works

1. The work is original. 2. Have a unique attitude towards art.

3. Young artists (under 45) who are studying or have graduated can apply.

2. Event registration process

1. Register for “Young Artist Support Program Series”how to artIt is ART” online curator solicitation activities, become an artist member, and get a personal art encyclopedia and artron index.

2. Participate in monthly online art to enhance your personal art resume.

3. Register 5 young artists monthly to provide support through the comprehensive review, and at the same time, nominate 10 young artists to the “Monthly List of Young Artists”.

3. Method of registration

1. Internet search: How Artron Art It’s ART

4. Time of collection

September-October 2022

5. Display time

For the specific time, please refer to Artron’s official public platform


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