ARV and EnCo Collaborate to Revolutionize Real Estate Management with AI Innovation and Technology

AI and Robotics Ventures Collaborates with Energy Complex to Enhance Real Estate Business

AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited (ARV) has partnered with Energy Complex Company Limited (EnCo) to bring innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the real estate industry, aiming to raise facility management standards and achieve service excellence. This collaboration will focus on three aspects of AI technology, emphasizing safety and environmental care.

Thana Saranwetphan, General Manager of AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited (ARV),

ARV has joined forces with EnCo, a fully integrated real estate development and management company, to integrate AI and robotics technology into property management. The objective is to enhance efficiency and potential in building management for EnCo’s properties and locations. With a focus on reducing dependence on human labor and minimizing errors, the partnership will leverage the following aspects of AI technology:

  • Integrating AI technology with closed circuit cameras (AI-CCTV): This allows CCTV cameras to learn and improve their performance through machine learning. The cameras can observe, remember, and inspect properties, buildings, places, and vehicles, ensuring stricter and more efficient security measures.
  • Carbon Footprint Estimation: By utilizing CCTV cameras and AI technology, the system can estimate greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide levels associated with vehicles traveling within the EnCo area.
  • Robotic Earth Surveillance: This application combines AI robot technology with a platform to support surveillance and security in EnCo’s managed areas. It enables the detection of suspicious objects and people, alerting relevant officers immediately upon identification.

Thana Saranwetphan concludes, “We believe that this collaboration will provide services and solutions that meet EnCo’s needs while setting a precedent for outstanding and innovative business partnerships in the future.”

Sirasak Chantrema, President of Energy Complex Company Limited (EnCo),

EnCo is a leading real estate development and management company with three main business groups: Property Management, Facilities Management, and Property Development. Furthermore, EnCo operates a renowned hotel brand, THE EnCony Residential Hotel located in Wang Chan Valley Project (EECi), Rayong Province.

Sirasak expresses EnCo’s commitment to modernizing and upgrading real estate management to meet evolving customer needs. Recognizing the expertise of ARV in innovation, software, and AI technology, EnCo believes that this collaboration will greatly enhance efficiency in managing the Energy Complex space. Initiatives include implementing an intelligent CCTV system, license plate detection, object identification, and speed detection systems. Additionally, ground robots will be utilized for patrolling inside buildings, while AI technology will be employed to analyze and assess traffic patterns for carbon footprint estimation.

Sirasak concludes, “With EnCo’s dedication to providing excellent service and meeting international standards, combined with ARV’s expertise in AI and robotics, we are confident that our partnership will deliver the best service experience and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Together, we will build a successful and sustainable business for the future.”

AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited or “ARV” joins forces with Energy Complex Company Limited or “EnCo” to bring AI innovation and technology to help strengthen the real estate business. Raise facility management standards to aim for service excellence. With ‘3 aspects’ of AI technology that helps increase safety and care for the environment.

Thana Saranwetphan, Dr General Manager, AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited ARV said it had collaborated with EnCo, a fully integrated real estate development and management company. By bringing in artificial intelligence and robot technology (AI & Robotics) to help increase efficiency and potential in property management. Buildings and locations under the care of EnCo in order to raise the quality standards of building management. Reduce dependence on human labor, reduce human error with 3 aspects of artificial intelligence technology:

Integrating artificial intelligence technology with closed circuit cameras (AI-CCTV) This allows CCTV cameras to learn things (Machine Learning – ML) and improve their own performance from the information and environment received. Including observing, remembering, watching over, and inspecting properties, buildings, places, and vehicles, which will help raise the level of security to be more strict and efficient.

Carbon Footprint Estimation By using CCTV cameras together with artificial intelligence technology to help estimate the amount of greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide emissions associated with the number of vehicles and the amount of time vehicles spend traveling within the EnCo area.

Robotic Earth Surveillance which is a combination of artificial intelligence robot technology and a platform together To help support surveillance and security work in the areas that EnCo oversees, it can detect suspicious objects and people. together with notifications to relevant officers as soon as they are found

“The company believes that this collaboration will create services or solutions. which meets the needs and is suitable for EnCo’s Energy Complex project management and can be expanded to other areas as well. and it will become an outstanding and different business collaboration model in the future.” Thana Dr Concluding remarks

side Sirasak Chantrema, President Energy Complex Company Limited (EnCo) He said that EnCo is currently a development company. and complete real estate management It operates 3 main business groups: 1. Property Management Business Group (Property Management) 2. Common Area Management Business Group (Facilities Management) and 3. Property Development Business Group and EnCo In addition, EnCo also operates a hotel business. brand THE EnCony Residential Hotel, located in Wang Chan Valley Project (EECi), Wang Chan District, Rayong Province.

-Huawei and the International Telecommunications Union Join us in signing the Declaration of Cooperation to Promote Development and Support Digital Equality.

This collaboration comes from the fact that EnCo places great emphasis on upgrading and developing real estate management to be modern, up to standard, and ready to meet the lifestyle and changing needs of customers’ office buildings EnCo has see the potential of ARV, which has expertise in innovation, software, and artificial intelligence technology. which can be applied and help increase efficiency in managing the Complex Energy Center space very well Initially, an intelligent CCTV system will be introduced. License plate detection system, object detection and identification system (Object Detection), speed detection system Using robots (Ground Robots) for patrolling inside buildings As well as using artificial intelligence technology to analyze traffic within the center to assess Footprint Carbon.

Shirasak In conclusion, he said With EnCo’s commitment to provide excellent service and meet international standards to customers. together with expertise and experience in the technology and artificial intelligence (AI) business ARV or AI and Robotics Ventures Company Limited EnCo and ARV are therefore confident that joining as business partners this time will be able to provide the best service. and create maximum customer satisfaction which will lead to success in running a sustainable business together in the future

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