“As if I erased it unconditionally”… Hyuna and Dawn break up, shedding light on the creepy meaning of ‘couple tattoos’

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a singer with Hyuna With Dunn ending his 6 year relationship, the two are known to be engrossed together. ‘Couple tattoo’ re-examined It becomes.

30 November 2022 Hyuna wrote on her Instagram, “We broke up. We decided to stay as good friends and colleagues in the future. Thank you for always supporting us and looking at us beautifully.”He posted a message saying, directly announcing the break. Dawn responded to Hyuna’s post by saying, ‘I like it.‘ and indirectly revealed that the breach was true.

The news of the breakup came as a shock to many fans, as the two have been openly revealing their love for each other on social media.

Hyuna and Dawn, two couple tattoos


Since then, attention is being paid to see if the two will delete each other’s traces on Instagram. Hyuna deleted most of the couple photos with Dunn that she posted on her Instagram.which is in one state. On the other hand, Dawn was left alone.

not only SNS Attention is also focused on the couple’s tattoosIt becomes. Hyuna and Dawn got two couple tattoos, which were revealed on Instagram.

In July 2021, the two got their first couple tattoos. Dawn wrote ‘LI’ on her right hand, and Hyuna wrote ‘FE♥’ on her left hand. Putting them together completes the word ‘LIFE♥’.

Then, in March 2022, Dawn had the number ’25’ and Hyuna engraved ’23’ on her arm, which is assumed to mean the other person’s age when the two started dating.

Since then, the news of Hyuna and Dawn’s breakup Placement of engraved couple tattoos in prominent locationsThere were also those who worried about “I think I’ll write this off forever“,” Isn’t this a memory too?” A variety of reactions pour in.

Hyuna mentioned “I’m already deleting it” before breaking up

YouTube 'I have no clothes on'
YouTube ‘I have no clothes on’

Meanwhile, after the conflict between the two, Hyuna’s mention of tattoos in past entertainment programs is being re-examined.

In August 2022, Hyuna, who appeared on YouTube ‘I’m not even wearing anything’ hosted by rapper Lee Young-ji, was asked, “What are you going to do with your tattoo next?” “If I give it meaning, I’ll delete it. I’m deleting this too now.”he replied.

On this day’s broadcast, when MC Lee Young-ji said, “Let’s drink and play,” Hyuna said, “That’s why I came out. I wanted to see when I could have a drink with my sister again.”

YouTube 'I have no clothes on'
YouTube ‘I have no clothes on’

When Lee Young-ji asked, “Isn’t that true? It’s been 15 years since you debuted, don’t you have a sister?”Dawn was there for half the activity period.”He said. In response, Lee Young-ji showed interest in the love story between Hyun-a and Dawn, saying, “Let’s listen carefully to that story.”When you call him, listen to him“He refused.

Then, to the question, “Honestly, are you a little bored?”, he admitted, “I want to stop talking about that. It’s annoying.”

What Hyuna said in the broadcast It is of late a hot topic with suspicions that the two have already shown signs of breaking up.The situation becomes.

Hyuna-Dawn admits to being in a relationship for the first time and takes steps to free the agency


In 2018, Hyuna and E’Dawn, who were under the same agency, admitted via Instagram that they were dating.I did it. The two first started dating in May 2016.

But Right after the two admitted their relationship, Cube Entertainment, the agency at the time, decided to voluntarily leave Hyuna and E’Dawn.I did it.

Cube Entertainment said in an official press release, “We have been working with trust and confidence as our top priority in managing our artists. After countless discussions and considerations, It was deemed impossible to restore trust with the two artists, HyunA and E’Dawn, so it was decided to leave the two artists at random.“, he said.

Action of the company Public opinion split in halfIt is also developing.

online community
online community

The opposing view is “When all 4 minutes were transferred, you only kept your loyalty, so why are you releasing them?”,I didn’t crash by doing something unpleasant like gambling or drugs.” etc. On the other hand, in favor of the statement, “If I were a Cube employee, I would have let him go”, “The artist who unilaterally refuted the company’s official statement and destroyed the relationship of trust”, “Hyuna and Pentagon are Cube’s main sources of income, and since they are idols, dating can affect the company’s management.” and so on.

Cube, who once reversed his decision when public opinion worsened, officially confirmed his release on October 15, 2018, and Hyuna herself submitted a handwritten letter that day, complaining about injustice. E’Dawn also left the Pentagon on November 14, 2018 and parted ways with Cube.

Later, on January 27, 2019, Hyuna and E’Dawn moved their agencies to P NATION, founded by Psy, but the contract expired on August 29, 2022.

“Hyunah and Dawn, since the cold air flow last year, the possibility of a reunion…”


On December 1, 2022, entertainer Lee Jin-ho posted a video on his channel titled ‘This wasn’t the first breakup.

In the video, Lee Jin-ho said,The two often fought due to personality differences. Hyuna is all active, while Dawn is relaxed and laid back, so the two often clash. “is claimed.

“They repeated their breakup and reunion, but their relationship has become stronger, but since last year, there have been unusual signs,” he said. However, the conflict was resolved dramatically and they reunited. because of this power ‘Shouldn’t we wait a little longer until the complete separation?’I have been informed,” he added.


On the other hand, Jinho Lee Dawn and Hyuna’s reunion is difficulti saw Lee Jin-ho said, “Hyunah and Dawn made quite a lot of sales from the end of last year to this year.” revealed.

therefore “Dawn, born in 1994, has to join the army by next year.”I predicted too.


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