As long as 10… children are infected in seconds! The doctor warned that the “virus 2” is very contagious: it is very uncomfortable | Life | QUANTITY

Chen Murong reminded parents that chicken pox virus and rotavirus are highly contagious, and children should be vaccinated as soon as possible to prevent infection. (Schematic diagram / flipped from unsplash)

Since the masks are not sealed, do the children in the family often get sick? Pediatric “Grapefruit Doctor” Chen Murong reminded parents to pay special attention to two highly contagious viruses, namely “chicken pox virus” and “rotavirus.” Among them, rotavirus “only needs 10” to infect children. Take precautions.

Chen Murong shared in the Facebook fan page “Dr. Yuzu Parenting Clinic-Dr. Chen Murong Physician” “Recently, many parents are worried that after the masks are unsealed, their children return to’ the school, and they are easily infected with different viruses from classmates. Young siblings cause children to take turns getting sick. Parents are reminded that chicken pox virus and rotavirus are highly contagious. It better to let children be vaccinated to improve protection. Vaccines to prevent them.”

Chen Murong pointed out that in addition to the transmission of the chicken pox virus through campus clusters, it could also be infected by herpes zoster (skin snake) in the elders of the family Even if most children have get the first dose of publicly funded chicken pox vaccine, a breakthrough may still happen. Infection, “Studies have shown that the protection of 1 dose of varicella vaccine is only 81%, and the protection of 2 doses of varicella vaccine can reach about 92%. ” dose of the varicella vaccine.

In addition, Chen Murong revealed that one of the main causes of gastroenteritis infection in children under the age of 5 is “rotavirus”, which is also highly contagious. Children can excrete 100 billion viruses per gram of faeces. “What is even more frightening is that no effective anti-rotavirus drugs have been developed yet, and only water can be added to enable children to recover on their own. Discomfort!” Parents are advised to vaccinate their children with oral rotavirus vaccine as soon as possible to reduce the incidence of infection.


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