“As serious delusion” exo-born Tao, Wei Bo live broadcast server IU (IU) towards netizens criticized the public confession ↑ – yichanggyu reporter

[이창규 기자] Exo (EXO) is a singer and actress Tao (TAO, TAO hwangjjeu) to publicly profess toward the IU (IU, Lee, Ji – Eun), attention is being focused.

Tao commented on his Weibo live on the 21st, “I have a woman I really like,” and “I sent a DM to him once, but there was no answer.”

He said, “He’s a Korean artist, and if this becomes a topic tomorrow, I want him to know that I like you,” he said. “If he likes me, I can reveal it right away.”

At the time, he did reveal whether the celebrities who, showing the appearance of such a modification is to Wei Bo posted a picture of IU sparking allegations that he is a person jichinghan ahninya the IU.

Tao Weibo

In fact, two of the three people who follow on Instagram accounts of Taos, except for IU’s agency is the Department of Long Tao Entertainment artists of Taos.

Also, after the broadcast, he said, “This is love, not fan spirit. If you can’t understand, don’t be picked up.”

Because of this, the netizens who encountered this were “What should I do??”, “Isn’t this almost paranoid?”, “It’s not good for someone with a good image to do that”, “Why are you doing that?”, “You’re thinking about getting married. ??” The back reaction was shown.

Tao, born in 1993 and aged 27, made his debut as EXO in 2012, but in April 2015, he declared withdrawal from the team and filed a lawsuit against SM to invalidate his exclusive contract.

With the final loss of a lawsuit that lasted until 2018, he completely left the team.



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