As soon as Zhang Songwen sang, the whole KTV had to run |

Original title: As soon as Zhang Songwen sang, the whole KTV had to run |

Hello, this is Vista View World【Bold open wheat】Column No.265 interactive subject.

I know you have a lot to say, and you’ve been holding back for a long time.

But here, if you are not afraid of the unreasonable line of the barbarian, you will not be able to line anyway;

You don’t need the “will to survive” that the Internet talks about, you have to tell the truth with reason and evidence.

The subject of this issue: I finally went to KTV, and all the songs I sang were from the bottom of the box.

“Hurricane” today has a celebration feast, and the question that most netizens are most worried about – will Zhang Songwen sing tonight?

After all, after the TV series ended, all the happiness of the audience was given by Zhang Songwen’s singing. He claims that singing has always been a fear. He has covered more than 300 songs in a singing app, and now more than 200 songs have been covered by “Brother Qiang”.

The playlist covers a wide range, including the must-try Cantonese KTV series “Thousand Thousand Que Songs”, “The Next Stop Diva” and “Like You”, as well as dad’s favorite ” Lake Baikal”.

and it’s about emotion,A bitter love song with no skill, line “A few frames flashed in the wind the other night~Spinning while galloping and disappearing moo~” almost sent people away laughing.

The most accurate description of Professor Zhang Songwen’s singing voice,sada wounded buffalo

After laughing, many people listened to him and thought to myself that he did not sing the original song in KTV but confidently opened the mic. He also had a substandard Mandarin pronunciation, sometimes leading and sometimes set back No skills, all emotions.

Especially in recent years, KTV has slowly declined. Finally seize this opportunity, K-POP, J-POP fans became underground idols in seconds, the previous song “MAMA” jumped to the top, and the next oneHe shouted “One Love” until my heart broke.

KTV is still the hardest place to hide your age. Before entering the private room, you and your post-00 colleagues are like Jay Chou. While ordering songs, you discovered that you like “Lovely Woman”, and he often listens to “If You Don’t Love Me, I’ll Fall.”

Those friends who competed with you to be the Maiba and sing “Lady, Aha” on the contrary have gone their separate ways.

When was the last time you went to a KTV?

Which song is your unique skill at the bottom of the box, and which song would you dare to sing only if the audience is full of acquaintances?

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